Sunday, October 26, 2008

New Tricks

Every day we find out that Sara Beth has learned something new.  This week, she has started to really discover her hands.  She will now grab a hold of anything near her.  In some instances this means that she sweetly holds onto a finger, or cuddles a burp cloth, but other times, it results in her yanking on her mom's necklace while it is still attached around Heather's neck.  

  Sara Beth has a bounce seat that she will sometimes sit in while we get ready in the morning.   This bouncy seat has a flower with a ring on it hanging over the seat.  When you pull the ring, music starts to play.  We will occasionally pull the ring when we place Sara Beth in the seat as she seems to like the tune.  This morning, while Heather and I were getting ready for church, I look down and see that Sara Beth has the ring in her hand.  I call Heather out of the closet to see Sara Beth's new feat.  Then SaraB pulled, the ring and music started to play.  We were both so proud of her.  Then she pulled to ring again... and again... and again.  The song is rather catchy, but I think Sara Beth liked it much better than Heather and I did. 

She has gotten much better at holding herself upright.  Head control is not a problem at all for her now.  The days of floppy necks are over for her. She also has the core muscles to sit up by herself, but the more delicate act of keeping herself balanced is still a ways off.  I will sometimes place her on our bed, surround her with pillows, sit her upright, let go, and see what happens.  She falls over.  Some times she starts to tip to one side and then over-corrects and flops in the other direction.  Other times, she starts to tip, gets confused, and pulls herself over faster.  But we have a great time while we learn.

She also has grown tall and heavy enough that her feet touch the ground when we place her in her jumper.  Add to that her new found ability to use her hands, and she has a great time.  When Sara Beth was first born, she looked just like Heather.  As the days progress, I think she is beginning to look more and more like me.  I might have to dig up some of my childhood pictures, but the shot below definitely shows that Sara Beth has some of the Siewert genes in her.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pictures in the flowers

This past weekend, we took Sara Beth to the Dallas Arboretum for some pictures.  We had a great time.  Sara Beth got a little sun.  In the first picture you can see that her rosey cheeks contain a little more rosey color then before.

Sara Beth has also been working on core strength training, and is now able to sit upright without slowly leaning forward and doing a face plant into her toes.  She is still working on her balance though, and will regularly overcompensate when she starts to lean to one side, throwing herself in the other direction, so she is not allowed to try sitting unsupervised unless she is surrounded by pillows.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Full Time Baby Holding

On Thursday, Heather awoke with a horrible crick in her neck.  She couldn't move her head and it hurt for her to pick up anything.  So, I took a sick day and took care of Heather and Sara Beth.  Well... there were some duties, like breast feeding, that I had to let Heather do, but I got to spend a whole day playing with and holding SaraB while Heather was only able to look on, and I had a great time.  By Thursday evening, Heather felt a little better, so I thought my full time baby holding duties were coming to a close.

On Friday, Heather awoke with an even worse crick in her neck, so I got to stay home again.  Since it wasn't getting any better, we took a family outing to the chiropracter, and they made the preliminary adjustments to get Heathers back back in line.  Apparently her pillow was causing the majority of the problems, so we got another one of those.  While the doctor was able to help Heather's neck she gave orders for Heather to take another day without picking up Sara Beth.  I got another day of being the primary snuggle giver to Sara Beth.  I would pass Sara Beth over to Heather, but only when she was sitting down and her back was properly supported, which greatly limited the opportunities for Heather.

By this morning Heather was chomping at the bit to pick up and snuggle and hold her baby for the entire day.  Her neck is a little stiff, but feeling much better.  We have a follow up scheduled with the doctor on Tuesday, and she is glad to be able to do more then sit and watch me play with Sara Beth.  I let her hold our daughter as my back was beginning to hurt from carrying around Sara Beth for two days straight.

SaraB and me chilling in a chair.  Note my poor posture and slouching position.  Also note that Sara Beth's bow matches my shirt.

Sara Beth has been working hard at building here core muscle control.  When we sit her up, she no longer does a face plant into her legs.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Two month checkup

This past week, Sara Beth went in for her two month checkup.  As part of the checkup she had to get four different shots.  Neither of us slept well the night before she went in.  Of course, she ended up just fine after she had a chance to calm down.  Her measurements are now 24.25 inches long and 13 pounds 2 oz, which puts her rate of growth at around one inch and pound every two weeks.  This puts her in the 96th percentile for height and 95th in weight.  

Growing up, I was always off the charts in the 99th percentile, so it looks like she wont ever be taller than me, but at the rate she is going, she'll be taller than Heather by the time she is two.   She can (sort of) stand upright, as long as we keep her balanced, and she comes up to the bottom of my knee.  So I guess this is right around the official "knee high" stage.

She has outgrown all her newborn clothes completely and only a few of the 3 month outfits still work for her.  We purchased some 6-9 month size onesies, but I think they must run a little small as they fit her right now.

SaraB has officially learned to turn herself over.  We woke up at 4 in the morning to her crying.  When we turned on the baby monitor, we could see her face down on her mattress.  Apparently, she turned herself over and then got stuck.  The next day, she did it again at nap time.  Below is a picture of her trying to get her duck.

And here is one of her getting ready to watch some football.