Monday, November 9, 2015

The rest of summer

When we got back from Wisconsin, it was time to celebrate Sara Beth's birthday at home. I had to keep Hudson back from the cake to prevent him from blowing out the candles.
A couple days later, even before we finished Sara Beth's birthday cake, we decided to make an ice cream cake to take over to a friends house as a dessert for dinner. Hudson and Sara Beth both helped remove the ice cream bar wrappers and organized them in the pan. You can see the birthday cake in the back ground.
Sara Beth is still as interested as ever in horse back riding. She will go to the barn every other Tuesday and stay several hours preparing the horse for riding, then riding, then preparing the horse to go back out into the pasture. She loves every minute of it and is definitely showing progress and gaining confidence ordering the horse around.
While Sara Beth does her lessons, Hudson finds a good place in the dirt to sit and then starts digging. With the dirt and the barn dogs, Hudson might have more fun than Sara Beth at the barn.
We are still working on convincing Hudson that having a clean diaper really is in his best interests. Heather and I have resorted to outright bribery. If he keeps his diaper dry for two days in a row, he will get a can of shaving cream or "gloppy cream" as he prefers to call it. He will then go through the entire can over the course of two or three baths smearing it all over the walls and himself.
One evening, Heather and Sara Beth were off doing something or other, so the boy and I got to go out for dinner on our own. Hudson got his rain boots on and asked to go to CiCi's. We had a great time and ate our fill of pizza.
One weekend, some friends invited us to go out to Burger's Lake in Fort Worth. We started of the day by burying Sara Beth in the sand.
Later I played a little game of toss with Sara Beth.
Hudson asked to join the game and I was more than willing to oblige.
At the local rec center, we have a rock climbing wall. Hudson and Sara Beth both enjoy going. Neither has gotten to the top yet. Both get somewhere between a third and half way up, realize how high they are, and decide that is far enough for them.  But each time they go, they do get a little higher up the wall.