Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Alabama and Back

Well, the family just got back from a trip to Alabama. Each time Heather and I pile the kids into the car for a long car trip, it gets easier better. On the way down, we left after I got off from work Friday and we made it into Alabama early Saturday morning with minimal crying. Hudson and Sara Beth both peacefully dozed off after diner.
 The next day, Darwin came over to visit for dinner. Hudson and he hung out in the living room playing with tractors and sorting all the cat toys.
 Heather and the kids stayed that following week while I flew back to my regular day job (I am trying to save up a bit of vacation time). They all went to the museum, and Hudson got to see his favorite animal: the snake. He will constantly pretend that he has snake food in his back pocket and give it out and then "feed" it to a random invisible snake around the house.
It was really quite around the house without anyone else around for a week. I spent my time installing solar screens on all the windows. Me-maw and Pa-paw brought Heather and the kids back at the end of the week and it was nice to have a little more activity around. I don't remember what Hudson was pointing at in this picture.
Sara Beth got a book on jewelry from the library. After reading though it with her a couple times, she was curious about what gold looks like. I told her that her mom had gold jewelry in her closet. The next morning, Sara Beth asked Heather if she could go into the closet and look at it all. 
 While eating our weekly Popcorn, Cheese, and Fruit, Hudson found out a novel way to eat grapes. Just pick up the whole bunch and bite them off from the bunch. He ate them all in less than five minutes.
 Sara Beth and Hudson will sometimes be able to share table space for drawing. Note that Hudson is very careful to make sure that his tiger, Nice, has his head pointed towards where all the action is.
 Both kids love pretending to be dogs. They will create makeshift water bowls out of tupperware, which they then leave on the floor until I trip over it, spreading water all over the kitchen.