Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A tale of two pigs

We were at the Salvation Army store on Friday looking around. Heather found a pair of pants, I found a couple pair of shorts, and Sara Beth found a pair of pigs. There were two identical "beanie baby" pigs that Sara Beth picked out and declared that she wanted them. Since she rarely asks for something like that, we obliged. Before we got them to the car she had named them: the girl pig was named Sara Beth and the boy pig was named Smelly. Don't ask. I don't know either. When they got home, Sara Beth wanted us to perform surgery to remove the tags, then she applied band-aids to the spots where the tags were formerly located so the pigs would feel better.

An update to the double Emma Rose problem. Apparently, Sara Beth realized that holding on to two Emma Rose dolls, one in each hand, meant that she ran out of hands. So she kept giving "Emma Rose's cousin, Emma Rose" to Heather or putting her into Hudson's crib for a nap. So we silently put the duplicate back up in storage to wait for the next time that Sara Beth cannot find her current Emma Rose. You know, I really am dreading the day that Sara Beth learns to read, and reads though these blog posts discovering how we have mislead her.

After dinner, Sara Beth will typically ask for Smarties for desert. We have a five pound bag where she will grab one. On Tuesday, Heather and I asked her if she wanted some brownies and ice cream but she deferred to her typical candy. But when she saw that I had finished off the ice cream but had left the lid, she decided she needed a second desert.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The gig is up!

So, as I have mentioned before, Sara Beth has a favorite doll named Emma Rose. Well, to be honest, we actually had two different Emma Rose dolls that we rotated out on a regular basis. That way, washing her would be painless, and if we were unable to find the one at bed time, we could always "discover that she was hiding in the closet" without interrupting bed time. Well, this week, an Emma Rose got lost somewhere in the house and we couldn't find her, even with through searching after Sara Beth went to bed. A couple days later, Sara Beth was digging around in the couch and exclaimed happily that she now has two Emma Roses: Emma Rose, and her cousin who is also named Emma Rose. She decided that Santa gave her an early Christmas present. Heather and I are stumped about what to do, since she now wants to carry both around with her.

Sara Beth will sometimes pretend to be some cross between a bird and a cat. So she will create a nest and then meow as she gets cozy in it with a book or two.

Summer is drawing to a close. We are about a week from her preschool starting up again. Heather and Sara Beth are finishing out the summer going to the pool and visiting with friends. Today, at the pool, Sara Beth was getting into the pool when she sees something and scrambles out running to Heather crying that there is a snake in the water. It turns out there was an 8 inch snack in the kiddie pool. Heather, being the awesome mother that she is, went over to the pool, scooped the snake out of the pool in a bucket and threw it into the bushes. Unfortunately, she was so busy saving the day that she didn't have time to take a picture. Instead, I'll show a blurry shot of Sara Beth as she is careening around Bounce U. She ran around so quickly, most of the pictures were too blurred to distinguish anything.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Well the heat of the summer has finally broken, at least for a day or two. It even rained long enough that Sara Beth asked to go outside in her rain gear, and the driveway had not yet dried out by the time she got outside. Heather and Sara Beth are venturing outside more and more often.

Up to this point, if they wanted to get out of the house for any length of time, they would have to go to the mall to hide from the heat. Not that that was all that big of a problem. They have an interactive display there, where Sara Beth can step on different parts of the scenery and the screen reacts as if the item on the screen was actually stepped on.

Every morning and evening, we brush Sara Beth's hair to get the tangles out. She is not a big fan of it. At all. But after getting it done, she will occasionally mimic the process with her dolls, to get them ready to go out too. She will pretend that they are crying while Sara Beth is styling their hair and then Sara Beth will sooth them and let them know when it is all done. Note that Sara Beth and her victim, I mean ... doll, are wearing matching outfits.

Sara Beth has really gotten into using nail polish to "be fancy". We got a special kind of polish that comes off easily.With it, there is not much worry of it sticking to the walls or cabinets, and she loves being ale to put it on "all by herself."

If I am allowed to dress Sara Beth, things are not nearly as likely to match. Take this outfit, for example, which Sara Beth and I picked out while Heather was in the other room.

We went over to Heather's Aunt and Uncle's house for dinner this past weekend. They have exercise equipment which Sara Beth loves to try out. Her princess dress did not slow her down one bit as she rotated through the machines.

Sigh. What are we going to do with this cat? She thinks she is a person and will try to beg for people food from Heather or I. I think she has finally realized that I will not be swayed by her demands. I think Little Bit is now venturing out to see if she can grift some food off of an easier mark.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Three years old

Sara Beth turned three this past weekend. On one hand, Sara Beth acts as if she is already at least seven, and on the other, the past three years have flown by. Sara Beth celebrated her birthday along with her friend, who turned four a little over a week ago. In my opinion, Heather and Sophia's mom pulled off an awesome tea party, though, to be honest, I don't have many tea parties I can compare it too. Sara Beth and Sophia could totally pull off some sort of twin themed costume when Halloween rolls around.

With every birthday comes birthday presents; this one was no exception. Sara Beth got a fairy makeup set.

She wasted no time, eagerly applying copious amounts of makeup to herself and Heather.

My parents came down from their cottage in north Wisconsin for the weekend. I'm sure they enjoyed the 105 degree days of Texas summer. Sara Beth asked to put some of her makeup on Grandma too.

Sara Beth wanted to show of her new bracelet for the camera too. She has owned the hair bows for a while, but she decided she needed to put some extra in her hair for her birthday.

Sara Beth still loves her cat piano. I figured she could play the piano while I accompany her with my guitar. It became a little tricky when Sara Beth changed her instrument from piano mode to "cat meow" mode, but I put some good effort into keeping up with her.

With all the planning and preparing for Sara Beth's party, Heather still found time to have Sara Beth and Ashlyn decorate some shirts. Sara Beth didn't realize she was using glow in the dark paint until she took the shirt into the unlit bathroom. She though it was cool that her shirt would glow green.

So, on every night that I put Sara Beth to bed, she always wants to sleep next to Heather and I. Every night, I tell her no, that she wiggles too much, and if we laid down next to her, she would get too excited and not sleep. This week, she informed me that she needed to sleep in my bed that night. According to her, Emma Rose, her doll, wiggles too much, and gets too excited when Sara Beth sleeps next to her. Clever girl. I responded that if it was too big of a problem, Emma Rose could sleep in the bean bag chair next to Sara Beth's bed.