Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Well the heat of the summer has finally broken, at least for a day or two. It even rained long enough that Sara Beth asked to go outside in her rain gear, and the driveway had not yet dried out by the time she got outside. Heather and Sara Beth are venturing outside more and more often.

Up to this point, if they wanted to get out of the house for any length of time, they would have to go to the mall to hide from the heat. Not that that was all that big of a problem. They have an interactive display there, where Sara Beth can step on different parts of the scenery and the screen reacts as if the item on the screen was actually stepped on.

Every morning and evening, we brush Sara Beth's hair to get the tangles out. She is not a big fan of it. At all. But after getting it done, she will occasionally mimic the process with her dolls, to get them ready to go out too. She will pretend that they are crying while Sara Beth is styling their hair and then Sara Beth will sooth them and let them know when it is all done. Note that Sara Beth and her victim, I mean ... doll, are wearing matching outfits.

Sara Beth has really gotten into using nail polish to "be fancy". We got a special kind of polish that comes off easily.With it, there is not much worry of it sticking to the walls or cabinets, and she loves being ale to put it on "all by herself."

If I am allowed to dress Sara Beth, things are not nearly as likely to match. Take this outfit, for example, which Sara Beth and I picked out while Heather was in the other room.

We went over to Heather's Aunt and Uncle's house for dinner this past weekend. They have exercise equipment which Sara Beth loves to try out. Her princess dress did not slow her down one bit as she rotated through the machines.

Sigh. What are we going to do with this cat? She thinks she is a person and will try to beg for people food from Heather or I. I think she has finally realized that I will not be swayed by her demands. I think Little Bit is now venturing out to see if she can grift some food off of an easier mark.

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