Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Sorry about the lack of updates. It has been busier around here than normal. Between the last post and this one, I dug out a French drain in the side yard. It has been constantly muddy, meaning that when Sara Beth uses the play fort, she needs a bath as soon as she comes inside. Of course, in the process of digging out the side yard, it made a muddy mess worse.
Sara Beth had some fun helping me dig. I'm not sure if she or I got more muddy. About halfway though the process, Heather and I decided to put our house on the market to sell. So we spent a week moving furniture and all our personal things out of the house to get it properly staged. Then two days after the house went on the market, we got an offer for full price, so then we went full gear towards looking for a new house.
In the down times between all that, Sara Beth was working on being a doctor. She decided to specialize in brain surgery.
Hudson has become much more mobile. He can now pull himself upright. He sure is pleased with himself, but Sara Beth wasn't happy to find out that all the things that she used to store on her picnic table are now within his grasp.
One evening, while I was still in the middle of digging the French drain, Sara Beth was having so much fun that she did not want to come inside to eat dinner. Instead, she ate outside, so that when she was done, she could go right back to playing with all the mud. It was her first dinner that she ate one her own since the rest of us at inside at the adult sized table.
When we went up to Wisconsin, Sara Beth got a set of mini fabric napkins. She absolutely loves them and will routinely use them while setting up tea parties. Tonight, she placed one under each of our place settings for dinner; it was spaghetti so we had to be careful not to get any sauce on her pretty dinner decorations.
My sister came down for Labor day weekend. We were all happy to see her but Sara Beth had several specific things on her ToDo list. She wanted to show Jill how to play "Fruit Ninja" on the iPad. Then, after she did that, she wanted to play the fishing game where you collect rotating plastic fish with a fishing rod.
Heather and the kids went to the zoo with our nighbor and her two kids, each of which is a year older than our children. Hudson loved riding in the stroller next to a "big boy".