Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Our Storyteller

At bedtime, Sara Beth gets a story. Currently, she asks for Bible stories about Jesus. After Heather or I tell her one of the stories from the Bible, she will get comfortable and then say "Let me tell you about my day." And that is where the fun starts, as her days are a lot more exciting than mine apparently. One day, this past week, she started with, "Jesus was walking towards the crib. But it was empty, so he turned around and got in his space ship, and it blasted off. He was very lonely, but then the Tyrannosaurus Rex came and tried to bite him." I couldn't keep up and lost track of the story line at that point, but it continued for another 5 minutes.

By now, I'm sure you know that Sara Beth loves her noisy toys. One of her new favorites is a little dog chew toy squirrel. It is LOUD, but she has a great big grin on her face when she squeezes it.

This weekend, Sara Beth was not behaving. She was acting grumpy and making poor choices. On Sunday night, we noticed that she had a fever. Monday morning, Heather took her to the doctor. She has a double ear infection and an upper respiratory something or other, which probably explains why she was not acting well over the weekend.

Poor Catta. She is Sara Beth's favorite cat, and Sara Beth will try to pick her up and give her hugs, but she is still learning how to properly support the cat's body weight. The funny thing is that Catta just lets it happen, and doesn't run away like the other two cats.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Boxes and baloons

As my parents continue to unpack their piles, and piles, of stuff, they end up with a lot of empty boxes. Fortunately, Sara Beth knows what to do with them: pack herself and her toys in. Unfortunately, Gracie cat also likes to play in the boxes, and, unlike Sara Beth, the cat can get stuck in them. Two nights this past week, I had to go extract her from a box she jumped into, but couldn't jump out of.

This is the season for birthdays. Sara Beth went to a party last Saturday, and we are going to another one this coming Saturday. Her friend celebrated her birthday at "Bounce Town", but we didn't look very closely at the invitation. So after hyping Sara Beth, we arrive at "Jump it Up" only to realize we went to the wrong place. Sara Beth was not amused. Fortunately, we made it to the correct location only slightly late, and Sara Beth got to bring home a balloon once the party was over.

Sara Beth has really gotten into nesting. The covers on her bed never stay tucked in through the night. Every morning and afternoon, Heather will make Sara Beth's bed, and every nap and bed time, Sara Beth will "get comfortable".

Sara Beth has grown tall enough that she can turn on the sink faucet. So now, when she is done using her chalk board, she will go clean it, all by herself. She didn't want to listen to my helpful tip about only using a little water.

For Valentine's Day, Sara Beth and her friends had a party. They played all sorts of princess games and had a great time. The mothers all had a great time taking pictures.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Catch Up

Wow. It has been three weeks since I last updated this blog. Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about you; it has been so hectic that I have not had enough free time to do it.

Three weeks ago, my parents were able to finally move into their house, 15 minutes down the road. We helped unpack, and Sara Beth was really into reorganizing. There was a folded stack of packing paper that was sitting in their living room. Sara Beth went over to the stack and picked off pieces one at a time, carefully unfolded it, and then carried the paper into the pantry to place it in there. Once the stack was completely gone, she reversed her process and carried pieces out, one at a time, refolded it, and then put them in a new stack on the couch. Once I told her it was about time to go, she worked double time moving the paper back into the living room. She carried in huge arm-fulls at a brisk jog.

Two weeks ago, Heather went back to Alabama by herself for her granddad's funeral. We decided it would not be a good idea for Sara Beth to go as well, so I stayed back in Texas with her. Fortunately, with my parents now down here, they were able to help with the babysitting so I didn't have to burn all my vacation time in stay-at-home daddy day care. Even with my parents helping, it was exhausting caring for a 2 year old without Heather around.

It was so nice that Saturday that I decided it would be a good idea to wash the cars. Sara Beth liked playing with the bubbles in the water.

As soon as she pulled her head out of the bucket, she realized her hair had gotten an even closer look.

So then, since the cars were nice and clean, this past week God covered the entire US with a giant blanket of snow, so the cars would get dirty again on the icy/slushy streets. At least, that might be the reason that we got snow. In any case, Heather's flight was able to make it back safely and without delay.

Sara Beth kept asking to build a snowman. Unfortunately, it was not the right kind of snow. I tried to look up the Eskimo word for this type of snow, but apparently, Eskimos don't actually have 50 different words for snow, it's an urban legend. Anyways, whatever you call the stuff, it made a big enough mess of the roads that my work was closed for two days, and it made a big enough mess of our cars that they will have to be washed again this coming weekend.

And finally, to top it off, yesterday, at Super Bowl half time, I start putting Sara Beth to bed. When it is time for her to go to the bathroom, she starts crying really hard. It turns out she has a urinary track infection, and so, instead of watching the second half of the game, Heather and I took Sara Beth to one of those 24 hour doctors and filled a prescription for antibiotics. I heard the Packers won.