Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Boxes and baloons

As my parents continue to unpack their piles, and piles, of stuff, they end up with a lot of empty boxes. Fortunately, Sara Beth knows what to do with them: pack herself and her toys in. Unfortunately, Gracie cat also likes to play in the boxes, and, unlike Sara Beth, the cat can get stuck in them. Two nights this past week, I had to go extract her from a box she jumped into, but couldn't jump out of.

This is the season for birthdays. Sara Beth went to a party last Saturday, and we are going to another one this coming Saturday. Her friend celebrated her birthday at "Bounce Town", but we didn't look very closely at the invitation. So after hyping Sara Beth, we arrive at "Jump it Up" only to realize we went to the wrong place. Sara Beth was not amused. Fortunately, we made it to the correct location only slightly late, and Sara Beth got to bring home a balloon once the party was over.

Sara Beth has really gotten into nesting. The covers on her bed never stay tucked in through the night. Every morning and afternoon, Heather will make Sara Beth's bed, and every nap and bed time, Sara Beth will "get comfortable".

Sara Beth has grown tall enough that she can turn on the sink faucet. So now, when she is done using her chalk board, she will go clean it, all by herself. She didn't want to listen to my helpful tip about only using a little water.

For Valentine's Day, Sara Beth and her friends had a party. They played all sorts of princess games and had a great time. The mothers all had a great time taking pictures.

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