Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Doctors and decorations

One day last week, I came home from work and began to talk to Heather in the kitchen while she made dinner. For whatever reason, I decided to sit on the floor by the fridge while chatting. Sara Beth then came rushing in with a handful of her "doctor equipment." She dropped them on the floor by my feet and then ran back to her play room to retrieve a second handful. She then began to give me a checkup.

It was going quite well until she decided that I needed a shot of medicine in the eye. I probably spoiled her budding career in the medical field. Heather took some time from making dinner to capture the event.

Sara Beth loved the Halloween decorations that were up three weeks ago. Every night she would ask to go out for a walk to look at them. After they went down, we consoled her with the knowledge that Christmas decorations would be up soon. There are a few early over-achievers that have put their decorations up already (Heather would probably be one of them if I didn't tell her that we can only decorate for one holiday at a time and Thanksgiving isn't here yet.) So now Sara Beth goes for walks every evening looking at the twinkling lights and lighted reindeer. We told her that we will put our decorations up at the end of the week, and she is excitedly awaiting their arrival. As I put her to bed tonight, she informed me that we need to have wreaths on our windows too.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dress Up

Typically, Sara Beth does not play with her dress up clothes, but since my parents were in town, she wanted to show off her whole play wardrobe. Though you cant see it, she is wearing a pink tutu skirt under her blue dress with the purple butterfly wings.

At around the age of three, I decided it would be fun to put on all my pants at the same time. I came down stairs and showed it off to my mom. Sara Beth decided to do something similar with all the hair clips in her closet, though she did need some of Heather's help to get them all in. This was in addition to the wings and multiple layers of clothes.

By the end of the box of hair clips, Heather was having a hard time finding space on Sara Beth's head for all of them. Sara Beth kept insisting that all the clips go in her hair. This is about half way through the box.

And here we have the final product. Sara Beth helpfully pulled them all out of her hair about 5 minutes later and put them back in her hair clip box.

As the weather cools, Heather begins to drink hot tea more often. Sara Beth excitedly requests to share. We keep having to remind her to "ask nicely" and use the word please. After a while, Sara Beth remembers to add the word to her request once or twice to each sentence. She will ask "Can I please have some tea please?" We do feel like we are making progress when, after Heather got all the tangles out of her hair, Sara Beth stood up, turned around, gave Heather a hug and said "Thank you for brushing my hair." And then she didn't even ask for any tea or candy!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Sara Beth trick or treated for the first time this Halloween. Our little ladybug , and she had grown old enough to understand how the holiday worked, and, unlike last year, she did not get sick. I rang the door bell at the houses as she did not feel comfortable doing that herself, but she had a great time getting all the candy. Fortunately, she forgot all about her bag of candy the next day, so we avoided having to care for a sugar infused 2 year old.

We went to the zoo last weekend to celebrate Heather's birthday. We took the train to avoid the traffic and the hassle of parking, and Sara Beth enjoyed the whole ride. She saw Heather's phone in the stroller and began to pretend to call people on it.

In the zoo, at the reptile house, I think it was about feeding time for all the snakes and lizards. They were all crawling around their cages and up the walls. Sara Beth ran from one window to the next looking at the active reptiles. The only place that she didn't want to go near was the alligators'.

Of all the animals at the zoo, Sara Beth liked the fish the best. I suspect it was because she could get up close to them. The fish tank had clear plexiglass sides right at Sara Beth's height. She ran around and around the aquarium following the fish as they swam right on the other side of the glass.

Heather now owns an iPhone and she loves it. It allows her to keep all her lists and calendar items all in one place. Sara Beth loves the phone too. Heather found an app that will ready books out loud. Sara Beth will sit with the device and press the button to turn the pages herself.