Tuesday, July 26, 2011


So the time has come for Sara Beth to finally get her hair cut, just in time for her 3 year birthday party. When she was born, she had all these little pretty curls in her hair, and as her hair grew out, we didn't want to cut of her little baby curls at the tips. But, obviously, her hair became more and more difficult to keep tangle free, so, Sara Beth took her to get it cut. I think it turned out well.

For the past couple weeks, Sara Beth has been apprehensive about getting her hair cut. She watched an episode of "Aurthur" where Arthur's little sister ended up getting her hair all messed up because she was wiggling while getting her hair cut. Needless to say, Sara Beth sat very still as she didn't want her hair to suffer the same fate.

We brush Sara Beth's hair every night to get the tangles out; she is not a big fan of it. Sara Beth decided that she needs to brush her doll's hair every night before we can do her hair. We tried to explain that her doll's yarn based hair does not get tangled, but that doesn't stop her from attempting to stall her hair brushing.

We have put Sara Beth in the local rec center's gymnastics class. We have no hope of her being a national level gymnast; she is already taller than most of them, but it is good for developing those coordination skills. Instead of being a gymnast, I think she would make an excellent international spy. She told Heather she wanted to read a book on Heather's locked cell phone. She was half way though entering the unlock code before Heather took the phone away from her. Apparently, Sara Beth has been looking over Heather's shoulder and memorizing the code.

Ashlynn came over to play again. They had a great time playing around in Hudson's room. Sara Beth pretended to be the baby and crawled into Hudson's bassinet while Ashlynn gave her a bottle.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


So for those who don't already know, and were not able to guess from Sara Beth's shirt in the last picture of last week's blog post, we're expecting our 2nd child. His name will be Hudson Thomas Siewert and he should be making his appearance around the middle of December. This weekend, I turned 30. I'm not into big birthday parties, so to celebrate heather cooked homemade spaghetti, may favorite food, with carrot cake, my favorite dessert, and converted our guest bedroom into the nursery. Sara Beth helped paint and simultaneously needed the screwdriver, hammer, and nail punch to do something or other; I'm not sure what it was, but she seemed to think it was important.

Friday, we had the sonogram to find out if the baby was going to be a boy or girl. After finding out it was a boy, Sara Beth and Heather went out for lunch at some girly place. Sara Beth had a blast, and ordered some hot tea with her "big girl" lunch.

Sara Beth and our neighbor's daughter Ashlynn got together to play on Thursday. They played school together, Ashlynn played the part of the teacher and Sara Beth was the student. They got all dressed up for their roles too.

For those of you who were wondering, in December, this blog will change from "The Adventures of Sara Beth" to "The New Adventures of The Siewert Family". http://siewertfamily.com already points to this blog. Feel free to update your bookmarks now.

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Pre-"birthday party" party

My 30th birthday is less than a week away, while Sara Beth's 3rd birthday is 3 weeks away, and already she has more presents than me; fortunately, she is getting old enough that I can play with some of her presents too. When Heather's mom asked what Sara Beth wanted for her birthday, Sara Beth responded "a basket ball and a dump truck." When the package came in the mail, Sara Beth played with the dump truck all morning. Around lunch time, Heather noticed that Sara Beth was no longer tearing through the house with her new toy. Sara Beth decided that the truck was getting tired, so she tucked it into her bed for a nap. This past weekend, Sara Beth and I put the basket ball to good use. She would practice bouncing the ball to me, and I would practice throwing it in the net.

For the 4th of July, Heather made a cake. Sara Beth decided that it had to be a birthday cake, so it became "Slithery the snake's" cake. We sang "Happy Birthday" and Sara Beth had the snake blow out the imaginary candles.

In case you were wondering, we really don't see Catta around the house all that often while Sara Beth is awake. This picture gives a good indication of the reason: Sara Beth enjoys snuggles much more than the cat does.

Sometimes, you just need to get on a laptop really quick to check for email messages (at least, you do if you don't have a fancy cell phone). Sara Beth will pull up her laptop and check her messages too.

So, we were rearranging furniture around the house, and were trying to find a good spot to put a cedar chest from my Grandma. We ended up moving it into Sara Beth's room. She quickly dubbed it her "princess table". Also in the photo, you can see her round globular clock that turns green at 7:15am when Sara Beth is allowed out of her room in the morning. Well, theoretically, that is how it works, except Sara Beth kept opening it and resetting the time and alarm functions. After the second night of the alarm going off, I cracked open the clock and disabled all the buttons. It now requires a screwdriver to change the time, but the alarm hasn't gone off at in appropriate times either.

I was at Guitar Center purchasing a tuner and some new strings for my guitar. Sara Beth was fascinated by all the instruments, but I think the drum kits were here favorite.

For those of you with excellent observational skills, Sara Beth's shirt gives a hint of big things that are going to happen around here in December. I'll give more details next week.