Friday, December 19, 2014

Three birthdays for a single boy

So, Hudson's birthday was last month, and the boy got to celebrate in style. He is definitely getting his own opinion about things. He often wants to do things on his own, and if I am trying to help him, he says, "Hang on. This is kind of tricky, Dad. Here, let me do it." Heather and I have had several strong discussions with him that this is great, but he still needs adult supervision to change his own dirty diapers. Heather and I have used a lot of cleaning supplies in his room in the past few weeks.

Here, Hudson is picking out his decorations for his birthday party.
Sara Beth has become very good at completing jigsaw puzzles. She saw this one in the cabinet that she hasn't done before and completed it in the course of a couple hours. Hudson kept trying to help.
We went to my parent's house to celebrate Hudson's birthday a week early. Heather and I got him a battery powered trash truck. It has a lever that will raise or lower a plastic trashcan to dump it in the top of the truck. Hudson loves it and will routinely drive it around and dump stuff into his truck. When you open up the back of the truck, you can see all sorts of random items that have been collected from around our house.
Here is Hudson eating some cake all by him self. Note how his water glass is a little off center.
The glass ended up being more than a little off center.
Heather decided to make some oreo truffles as a bribe for her biology professor. Hudson was more than eager to help smash the oreos into small crumbs with a rolling pin.
Sara Beth has been working hard on her horse riding lessons. She has been going every other week, and apparently she has been an excellent student and picking up the skills quickly.
Here is a video of her during her riding lessons. The instructor recorded and uploaded the video and then gave Heather the link. I still don't have the capabilities to upload my own videos to youtube yet.
One day, while Hudson was wearing a tractor shirt, there was a knock at the door. A birthday present had arrived for him. He opened up the box to find a tractor matching the one one on his shirt.
We went to visit Me Maw and Pa Paw in Alabama for Thanksgiving and to celebrate Hudson's birthday. His cake had some little toy construction vehicles on it; Hudson figured that they were the perfect to use as a spoon. He also decided that he could get his own piece of cake all by himself. Since it was his birthday cake, we let him.
Unfortunately, he got a little sick while we were there and didn't sleep well. He did catch up a bit on the car ride back to Texas.
We went out to our favorite Chinese food restaurant. Hudson wanted to eat the shrimp lo-mein and didn't want me to cut it for him. He did get most of it in his mouth.
For a school project, Sara Beth had to do something charitable. I asked her what she wanted to do, and she immediately said that she wanted to get one of the tags for a kid off the tree at Chick-fil-a. I was surprised and asked her how she came up with that idea. She said one of her friends at school was going to do that too.
That evening, we went to Walmart. Sara Beth spent quite a while staring at all the Barbie dolls deciding which one the girl on her selected tag would want.