Sunday, July 5, 2015

It has been a while

Whoa boy. I figured with summer starting, I would have all sorts of extra time to do some blog posts. I guess not. So anyways, these are all the pictures up to our trip to Florida that was back in June. The pictures from the trip will come in the next week or so (hopefully).

Sara Beth wanted to do another tea party for us. She kept reminding us that it will be Saturday at noon. She had brown paper bags with goodies in them and she also made fortune cookies (without the cookie). She was an excellent hostess and we decided to leave a $2 tip for her.
With all the rain we have had this spring, there have been a lot of frogs around in the yard. Sara Beth found one and named it "Jumper". She built a habitat for it in the garage and tried to teach it tricks. I asked her if it was a boy or girl. She said it was a girl. I asked her how she knew. Sara Beth explained that the frog was a girl because Sara Beth was a girl. I had no way to refute that logic.
Hudson is definitely a boy. He has taken to climbing on me like a jungle gym and loves to wrestle with me on the floor. He will sometimes pretend to be a horse and asks me to put his stuffed tiger "Nice" on his back to ride him. I tuck Nice's arms around Hudson's neck as best I can, but apparently Hudson is not a real smooth horse ride as Nice quickly falls off.
Even though 1st grade is winding down, Sara Beth now decided that she knew enough to be a teacher. She will routinely ask Hudson to come play school with her and she will teach the letters of the alphabet to Hudson. Hudson brings his stuffed animal crew with him to get educated a well. I decided to sit in on a lesson. The letter of the day was H for Hudson. I asked what happened if the H got tired and laid down sideways. The teacher quickly drew up a second letter of the day: I. When I asked what happens when the I got tired and laid down, she ignored me and proceeded with her lesson.
Now that it is summer, we get to go play at the pool. Sara Beth can swim all around the pool without any sort of help. Hudson is now able to place his head underwater and move around in the shallows.
One morning, Heather saw a spider in our garage and put it under a bucket. I was working from home so she called me downstairs to check it out. It was dead, but definitely a big juicy one. I was able to get Hudson to put his hand near the spider for one picture but when I asked him to put his hand closer for another picture he decided he was done with the spider. I put it in Sara Beth's bug collection container.
I have started to work out at the gym doing some rock climbing and realized that the kids are old enough to climb as well. Both of them did rather well. Hudson does a good job climbing, but once he gets above 8 feet, he decides he has had enough and comes down.
Sara Beth gets a little higher, but hasn't quite gotten to the top yet, but she keeps working on it.