Monday, July 22, 2013

Trash and Wisconsin

Hudson has a new favorite word: "Trash." We loves to throw anything and everything he can into the trash. When I change his diaper, he wants to be the one to throw the old one away. When we are done with dinner, he takes his napkin over and tosses it. He will even pick up bits of food off the floor and toss them. That is nice and helpful, and it would be great if that is where it stopped. Unfortunately, it isn't. He assumes that if something is not bolted to the floor, then it probably is trash, and will helpfully throw it away. We have purchased a new trash can for the kitchen that has a better lock on it.
Sara Beth likes to pretend to be a puppy. She will bark and walk around the house on her hands and knees, but if you are not careful, she will give "puppy kisses" which are rather wet.
One evening after the kids had gone to bed, I began to mow the backyard when I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. I stopped the mower to investigate and found four baby bunnies hiding in the grass. I went inside to let Heather know and she suggested we let Sara Beth out of bed to see them too. Sara Beth decided that they needed some food so she got carrots and small squash for each of them.
We went up to visit my Aunt and parents up in Canada for the past two weeks. Hudson wasn't a big fan of sleeping, and would routinely get up with the sun at about 5am. Once everyone else was up for the day, we had a lot of fun. Everyone enjoyed going out on the boat.
Don't let Sara Beth's frown you. She had a great time on the boat. She just doesn't like anyone taking her picture.
Either Hudson didn't understand our warnings about the cold water, or he didn't care, but when we were in the boat, Heather or I always had a hand on him as he would continually try to launch himself over the edge into lake Michigan.
While up there, my mom made a fish shaped birthday cake for an early party for Sara Beth. Icing was a group effort, but the end result looked good. Sara Beth enjoyed it.
While down in Kenosha at my Aunts house, the kids loved playing in the mud. Sara Beth's horse even got messy. Fortunately, Sara Beth loves to bathe her animals and eagerly volunteered to take her horse inside and get it cleaned up.
After the long trip, we got back home and relaxed. Sara Beth and I continued our work on building the wooden model ship.