Friday, March 22, 2013

Ants and Worms

Hudson is an expert at finding ant nests. As soon as you turn your head, he will stumble across some nest and start messing with it. He got his hand all bitten up again recently, but he didn't cry at all. I think he realized that if he started to cry we would take him inside to clean up his wounds, and he would rather stay outside.
I was digging some stepping stones into the backyard's sod from our patio to the hot tub. Sara Beth watched carefully, and as I pulled the scoops of dirt up, she checked for any unearthed worms to add to her "worm school." She would take the worms and add them to her bucket. Once she had a sufficient amount, she would then take them off and start training them to squirm and sit still on command. I just made sure she washed her hands before coming inside.
Hudson has gotten really good at making messes. He can open doors and drawers. He is relatively careful with things, though we have to keep an eye out in case he decides to go into the laundry room and play in the cat's litter box.
Texas has begun to act like summer. Heather let Sara Beth and a friend of hers play outside in the hot tub and eat popsicles.
Hudson, of course, wanted to keep up with his big sister and insisted that he was old enough to get into the hot tub and eat a popsicle too.
We went to get some new flip flops for Hudson so he would be ready for summer. While at the store, Sara Beth found some new roller skates that she REALLY wanted. She was able to successfully persuade me to get them (I'm not quite sure how), and immediately after dinner she went out with Heather to try them out.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Vending machine theif

Hey look at this: a timely update. Don't get used to it. :)

 Anyways, every Monday, Sara Beth goes to gymnastics class. Hudson and Heather sit in the waiting room and watch Sara Beth through the glass. Well, this Monday wanted to get down and start exploring. He wandered over to the vending machine and saw all the delicious treats that were sitting out of reach. Or, I should say, nearly out of reach. After fiddling around and reaching his hand into the machine, he came over to Heather proudly displaying his ill gotten prize.
Some weekends, we sit down as a family to eat some popcorn and watch TV. Typically, we strap Hudson down in his chair to eat. Once he is done, we free him from his confines. He realized that he was still hungry and wandered over to the popcorn bowel and began chowing down.
 One evening, we decided to go out for a walk around the neighborhood. There is a horse pasture on one side of the neighborhood, and we went over to say hi to them. The first four we met came up to the fence, but when they realized that we were not going to feed them, they wandered away. After that, we met two more that must have been more hungry as they stayed around and kept sniffing and nibbling trying to coax some food out of us. Sara Beth loved the attention the horses gave her and talked about it for several days after that.
Hudson has also figured out how to play peek-a-boo and is eager to start a game at any time.