Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Breakfasts and other foods

One Saturday I heard Hudson banging around the kitchen, but since it was Saturday, I didn't think too much about it and stayed in bed until the sun was good and up. I came out to find that Hudson decided to make breakfast for everyone. He had made toast with jelly and a peach on the side. It was surprisingly well done.
This is a picture from the final time we had to go back to Texas for Sara Beth's braces. Some things you can observe in the picture. 1. Sara Beth is showing her teeth with her smile. 2. Donuts always make a good breakfast. 3. Sara Beth was more hungry than Hudson. He has just barely taken a bite while Sara Beth is almost 1/2 way through her breakfast.
Hudson was more interested helping me take artistic pictures than in eating his breakfast.
One other morning, Hudson decided he wanted to try an experiment and put orange juice in his cereal instead of milk. He took one sip and decided that it was not a good idea and that he was done with breakfast.
Here is another picture from a Sunday popcorn cheese and fruit dinner.
Sara Beth also decided to have a picnic with her dolls.
Now that the braces are off, Sara Beth is much more likely to show her teeth when she smiles.
One Saturday, we went to Home Depot to do the kids craft. They provided skate boards that also worked as pencil boxes. Hudson painted his skate board green since his favorite color is green.
And Sara Beth choose pink as her main color.
Our neighbor is busy bringing civilization to his property. One day as we were pulling in from school, we saw an excavator busy digging on the other side of our driveway. Hudson asked to get out and watch.