Friday, August 8, 2014

Camping can be messy

For the weekend of my Birthday, we decided to go for the weekend to a cabin at Cooper Lake State Park. Seeing as how it is the middle of summer in Texas, we figured an air conditioned cabin would be preferable to a tent. Surprisingly, the weather turned out to be quite pleasant with a large rain storm colling things off the day before we arrived. The rain did make everything muddy, which meant that I put my new rain boots to good use.
Our cabin was right on the lake, so at dinner the kids went down to the lake and got at muddy as possible. Sara Beth had mud races with invisible friends and pretended to be a mermaid swimming around. Hudson walked along the shore finding sticks.
They were able to crack some time into their busy schedule of playing in the lake to come and eat some hot dogs and s'mores for dinner.
Sara Beth was laughing at Hudson about something.

On Saturday while camping at the State park, it was getting to about lunch time. We pull the bread out to make sandwiches only to realize the whole loaf has molded. So, we decided to go into town and get some sandwiches, which turned into sandwiches and ice cream once we got there. The town center had a water park in it. Sara Beth's shoes didn't have much traction so she kept slipping around and Hudson loved sticking his head into the streams of water cackling maniacally. They both would have loved to stay there for the rest of the day.
Hudson loves his bubbles. When we got back home, Heather found a new container for the "bubble juice" that is much more difficult to spill. Hudson loves it.
Sara Beth went up to church to help Heather prepare for VBS. Apparently they have disguises laying around in the kids area.
Heather went out and got Hudson a backpack since he will be going into preschool at the end of summer. Hudson loves it, and walked around with it for quite a few days.