Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Our Storyteller

At bedtime, Sara Beth gets a story. Currently, she asks for Bible stories about Jesus. After Heather or I tell her one of the stories from the Bible, she will get comfortable and then say "Let me tell you about my day." And that is where the fun starts, as her days are a lot more exciting than mine apparently. One day, this past week, she started with, "Jesus was walking towards the crib. But it was empty, so he turned around and got in his space ship, and it blasted off. He was very lonely, but then the Tyrannosaurus Rex came and tried to bite him." I couldn't keep up and lost track of the story line at that point, but it continued for another 5 minutes.

By now, I'm sure you know that Sara Beth loves her noisy toys. One of her new favorites is a little dog chew toy squirrel. It is LOUD, but she has a great big grin on her face when she squeezes it.

This weekend, Sara Beth was not behaving. She was acting grumpy and making poor choices. On Sunday night, we noticed that she had a fever. Monday morning, Heather took her to the doctor. She has a double ear infection and an upper respiratory something or other, which probably explains why she was not acting well over the weekend.

Poor Catta. She is Sara Beth's favorite cat, and Sara Beth will try to pick her up and give her hugs, but she is still learning how to properly support the cat's body weight. The funny thing is that Catta just lets it happen, and doesn't run away like the other two cats.

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