Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Singing Sara Beth

Yesterday was Sara Beth's first school performance in the evening. That evening, Sara Beth needed a little persuasion to go. Initially, she had said that she wanted to go, but when the evening of the performance came around, she became apprehensive and declared that she did not like to sing and, in addition, she was not a good singer. I reassured her of her skills and she changed her mind. We went to her school, and I did have to peel her off of me to go to her classroom to prep for the show. Personally, and I may be a little biased, I think she did the best job of anyone in her class. In the below picture, take careful note of how many of the kids are singing and performing the actions. Just sayin.

Before the event, I was able to get a picture of Heather and Sara Beth in our front yard. Notice how Sara Beth does have a bit of an apprehensive look on her face.

Who can resist cupcakes from the discount rack at the grocery store? Definitely not me. Sara Beth likes them too.

This weekend, we went to the zoo with my parents and some neighbors. The Dallas Zoo offers the ability for visitors to feed the giraffe a leaf of lettuce for $5. Seeing as how that was way too expensive for a single leaf of lettuce, I found some pieces of lettuce leaves that had fallen on the ground near the giraffe cage. Both Sara Beth and Heather got to have a giraffe eat lettuce out of their hand. Unfortunately, I was busy making sure that Sara Beth didn't leap into the giraffe enclosure so I was unable to take a picture of it.

Sara Beth has grown to the point where she recognized the animals and I see us going to the zoo often now that the weather is getting better.

Sara Beth has become unusually tender hearted this week. We are used to her saying the occasional "I love you" or pausing to give us a hug as she bolts through the house chasing cats, but this week, she has been exceptionally sweet. Right after school got out, Sara Beth and her friend were out in a field next to the school running around. Her friend picked a dandelion for her mom and so Sara Beth decided that Heather deserved a flower too, but, apparently, her friend had picked the last one in the field. After unsuccessfully searching for one, Sara Beth came to Heather in tears, heart broken that she couldn't find a flower to give.

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