Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Diapers and Dandelions

The big news this week is Sara Beth appears to no longer need diapers. Heather and I have known for some months now that she has the bladder control, and it is more an power struggle between her and us. Well, today she did not need a diaper change at all. She wore her "big girl panties" all morning long without an issue. Heather put her in a diaper for nap time, and it remained dry till I put her in bed this evening. There was even a bowel movement that went in the toilet like it should. Hopefully, we have purchased our last set of diapers we will ever need for her.

Spring has definitely sprung around here; and one of the most common thing to spring out of the ground is dandelions. Sara Beth loves to collecting the flowers, something that we whole heartedly encourage. She might single handedly keep the dandelion problem in our yard under control. She comes with two fist fulls of the flowers saying, "I picked these for you!" We already have several vases in our house with the dandelions in them, but the rest, unfortunately, have to be tossed. I do feel bad about throwing out Sara Beth's collections, but they do make a big mess.

Sometimes she will store the dandelions in her stroller or in a purse. When she found Heather's grocery bag collection, she put it to good use as flower bags. In her mind, you can never have too many flower bags.

She will also "drive" her car around the back yard, and by "drive", I mean I push her car through the yard. Whenever she saw an unpicked dandelion, She will ask me to stop. She will then either reach her arm out the side of the car to pick the flower, or if it is too far for that she will alternatively ask me to drive closer, or actually get out of the car to pick it up. Either way, once the yellow flower has been collected, she puts it in her storage compartment in the back of the car and wants to continue driving around the yard looking for more targets.

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