Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The great outdoors

In case you don't know, my one fear is worms. I am terrified of them. I have no fear of spiders, roaches, rabid dogs, wombats, bears, squirrels, or anything else. Just those nasty worms. So, when we were playing in the back yard, and Heather found a worm, I was ready to jump the fence. Heather showed the worm to Sara Beth, but she wasn't too excited about being near the vile creature either.

I decided that Sara Beth is getting to be old enough that I can look into camping. Apparently, there are a lot of camping places within only a few hours of here. So, step one: bring the tent out of the attic and make sure I can put it together. Sara Beth helped by stepping on all the wrinkles.

Once it was up, Sara Beth loved playing in it. We put in sleeping bags and were planning on spending the night out in it. Sara Beth could not sleep, and complained that it was too noisy. It was an understandable complaint, with all the dogs barking and cars on the street. But I am going to consider the test a success. So now I just need to find a suitable camping spot.

Sara Beth has now declared Catta to be her cat. She will grab her and give her kisses and pets whenever she can get her arms around the fuzzy creature. Catta, for the most part, is a good sport about the whole thing.

Sara Beth randomly decided to sit in the laundry basket and asked to be pushed around in it. I told her she was too big, and I didn't want to break it. So then, Sara Beth decided that she was going to drive the basket around and proceeded to make tire screeching noises as she sharply turned her imaginary steering wheel.

When Sara Beth is not trying to pet Catta, she will pretend to be Catta. I brought the pet carrier down from the attic as a "time out box" for Gracie cat, as she has begun to wake me up in the middle of the night, again. I thought I had broken the habit, but Gracie had other ideas. So, if Gracie begins to make noise at night, I will throw her into the carrier. Sara Beth will pretend to meow like a cat and ask to be put in the carrier as well.

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