Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A tale of two pigs

We were at the Salvation Army store on Friday looking around. Heather found a pair of pants, I found a couple pair of shorts, and Sara Beth found a pair of pigs. There were two identical "beanie baby" pigs that Sara Beth picked out and declared that she wanted them. Since she rarely asks for something like that, we obliged. Before we got them to the car she had named them: the girl pig was named Sara Beth and the boy pig was named Smelly. Don't ask. I don't know either. When they got home, Sara Beth wanted us to perform surgery to remove the tags, then she applied band-aids to the spots where the tags were formerly located so the pigs would feel better.

An update to the double Emma Rose problem. Apparently, Sara Beth realized that holding on to two Emma Rose dolls, one in each hand, meant that she ran out of hands. So she kept giving "Emma Rose's cousin, Emma Rose" to Heather or putting her into Hudson's crib for a nap. So we silently put the duplicate back up in storage to wait for the next time that Sara Beth cannot find her current Emma Rose. You know, I really am dreading the day that Sara Beth learns to read, and reads though these blog posts discovering how we have mislead her.

After dinner, Sara Beth will typically ask for Smarties for desert. We have a five pound bag where she will grab one. On Tuesday, Heather and I asked her if she wanted some brownies and ice cream but she deferred to her typical candy. But when she saw that I had finished off the ice cream but had left the lid, she decided she needed a second desert.

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