Thursday, September 8, 2011

New School Year

Last Thursday was the beginning of Sara Beth's new school year. Last year, she oozed excitement from every pore of her body about going to school. This year, there was less oozing. She was apprehensive about going to a new class; knowing that she wouldn't have the same teachers as last year. Fortunately, her friend Ashlyn goes to the same class as she does, so she already knows someone. Of course, a week later, the apprehension has worn off, she looks forward to going to school, and the teachers send home glowing reports praising her ability to follow directions and expressing surprise at how smart she is.

The weather this past week has been amazing. We were outside most of Labor Day playing volleyball with friends from church and replacing flowers in the front yard with some that have not been burned to a crisp. Heather and Sara Beth have a skin completion that lets them tan elegantly; my skin, however, does it best to look like a cooked lobster. Earlier that day, Sara Beth decided she was going to be an explorer and needed to create an appropriate outfit for the occasion.

Whenever we get a new stuffed animal for Sara Beth, she wants to preform surgery to cut the tags off, and then put band aids on the spot were the tags were located. Additional stuffed animals apparently have suffered massive trauma; the kind of trauma that only a band-aid can fix. After enough requests, we just gave her her own box of band-aids. Her sheep, Penelope, apparently walked across something and needed band-aids on all four of her feet.

Here we are performing routine house maintenance. The seat in the guest bathroom was getting old and needed to be swapped out. Sara Beth wanted to help. So when I went into the garage to grab the relevant tools for the job, she grabbed the measuring tape, claiming that it was necessary. So while I swapped out the lids, she went around measuring things. According to her measurements, Heather is taller than I am. I'm not so sure about that.

We have been working with Sara Beth to teach her that running around naked is not something that a big girl does. We have explained the concept of being modest, and Sara Beth has taken it to heart. This past week, when Heather changed her out of a wet bathing suit at the pool, Sara Beth exclaimed "Careful mommy. I don't want to show my modesty" when her belly was exposed.

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