Thursday, September 15, 2011

Growing quickly

Ok. I've heard people say "They grow up so quickly." I took their advice and made sure to spend as much time as reasonably possible with Sara Beth. And yet, she still seems to grow up too fast. This week, I got home from work. Instead of running up to give me a hug, Sara Beth was sitting in her bed room. I go in there to say hi and she says "Excuse me, Dad, but could you leave? I'm reading." Spoken like a teenager. Actually, it was probably a lot more civil than the typical teenager, but still, you get the idea.

Also, Heather snapped a picture of Sara Beth's block masterpiece. It doesn't seem that long ago that Sara Beth was knocking over towers that I made. Now she is building her own. It will actually be interesting to see how she responds in about a year once Hudson is old enough to crawl over and knock down Sara Beth's tower.

Fortunately, she has not grown up completely yet. Here she after getting dressed all by herself, wearing two different sets of pajamas simultaneously, and standing next to her pretty design she made with play dough. A little later we found about half of the play dough, half dissolved into a cup full of water. Sara Beth claimed that it needed to be washed.

Breakfasts these days consist of either a yogurt parfait (yogurt and granola) or dry cereal with a cup of milk on the side, along with whatever mommy was going to eat. Heather will often have to make a second breakfast for herself after Sara Beth eats Heather's original breakfast.

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