Thursday, September 22, 2011

Arboretum at three

Wow. It has been a busy couple of weeks. So, now, I have a huge backlog of pictures to post. Most of them come from the Dallas Arboretum, which we went to with my parents.

This is a picture from the Arbordtum trip we made about three years ago:

This is her now. She has a lot more energy, so she doesn't accidentally fall asleep during the middle of a photo opportunity. In addition, she can now pick up (and drop) most of the pumpkins.

Every time we go, the arboretum does something a little bit different. This time, they had scenes from different fairy tails on display. Sara Beth went straight for the throne in the Little Mermaid castle.

Sara Beth wanted to go to all the fountains in the Arboretum. I explained how to use the map, pointing to where we were and the direction of the next set of fountains. She had the most fun at the frog fountain because she could splash around in the water.

We probably spent twenty or thirty minutes at the frog fountain.

Sara Beth demonstrated some of the moves she learned in gymnastics for us. At least, I think she learned this in gym.

Sara Beth discovered this little chair hidden down a little trail a bit off the main path.

One of the things Heather worked on with Sara Beth was a bit of biology. They discussed the different plants and animals that live near ponds. One of the things they talked about was lily pads, though Sara Beth had never seen them in real life. As we get up to this water feature, Sara Beth exclaims "Lily Pads!" and wants to show them off to every one as it is the first time she has seen them in person.

In this picture, she found some fish swimming in the water, but was a little apprehensive about them since they were rather large.

Once we got home, Sara Beth decided that the carpet was lava, so she needed a bridge to get from the chair to the couch without getting her feet burned.

Heather has been trying to make fall come sooner by baking some fall foods, like pumpkin cake. It appears that it works. she has cooked this pumpkin cake three times, and it has always been cooler outside the day after the day she bakes. Sara Beth, of course, likes to help.

I'm not sure I know her favorite reason for helping. It is either the fact that she is helping Heather, or that she gets to lick the utensils once they are done.

Heather and I went on a date! With my parents now back in town, it makes the whole process of finding a baby sitter infinitely easier. For dinner, they made octopus and seaweed (aka green noodles and hot dogs).

Heather and I were sitting in the living room talking one afternoon, when we realize it has been rather quiet in the back of the house. Naturally, we assume that Sara Beth must be getting into some sort of mischief, so I go investigate. It turns out she was just sitting and reading her Bible.

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