Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fancy Glasses

Sara Beth has been reading books about "Fancy Nancy," a girl who dresses up all an bejeweled outfits and has all sorts of impressive hairdos. Well, in one story, fancy Nancy wanted to have fancy glasses, so she took the lenses out of some sunglasses and then decorated the frames. Sara Beth asked Heather if she could do something similar. Well, she asked the right person. Heather has enough craft supplies that it would choke a donkey, and so she brought out some of it and they set to work.

Here is the end result. And yes, that is one of the few genuine smiles on her face for the camera. She smiles all the time, but, generally, as soon as a camera comes out, her smile will turn into a grimace.

She wore them while watching the Cowboys game with her parents. In this case, she didn't realize that I had the camera, until after I snapped the picture.

She got some glasses for Emma Rose to wear as well. So now they both look extra fancy.

She wore them while, in her words, "exercising her hair." Yeah... Neither Heather nor I can exactly explain that one. She was whipping your head back and forth quickly, and that will exercise your hair, according to Sara Beth.

She tried on my not-so-fancy glasses, but decided she likes hers better. I think the combination of corrective lenses and extreme lack of jewels convinced her my glasses are not as fun.

With the days becoming cooler, we enjoy the benefits of a screened in patio more and more. Sara Beth will routinely ask to eat breakfast on the patio, or to sit outside and read, or to organize the clips that should be on the clothesline.

My wife is not the only one that is crafty around here. My mom took Sara Beth to the store and had her pick out some fabric for a dress. Then my mom made one for Sara Beth and one for her doll too. She loved it.

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