Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Uncle John's Wedding

I'm slowly catching up on the backlog of pictures I have accumulated. So these are the pictures from the week of the 6th of October. And a lot happened that week. First off, Hudson decided that Sara Beth was getting too much attention, and he wanted some of that attention too. Heather and I ended up going to triage at the hospital due to her experiencing premature contractions at 2am. I wish Hudson would have picked a better time for that one. Anyways, the doctors ran their tests and diagnosed the situation as an irritable uterus, and gave Heather some medicine that makes the situation not a big deal. But the doctors did want her to take it easy and not go on our planned trip to Colorado for my Brother's wedding. So, instead, just Sara Beth and I packed out bags and headed out leaving Heather at home with Hudson.
Sara Beth loved the airplane ride, but by the time we landed and got to my brother's house, Sara Beth was all tired out.   My dad gave her a glass of chocolate milk to restore her energy.
 The chocolate milk did the trick. Sara Beth wanted to explore my brother's backyard. John showed off his rose bushes and when Sara Beth saw that some of the leaves were falling from the trees, she requested a rake and began raking the leaves into piles to help my brother out.
The next day, my parents took us up into the national park. At 2 miles above sea-level, it was about 31 degrees and the wind was blowing at 20 miles per hours, which meant the wind chill was something lower. Heather very carefully packed a winter coat for Sara Beth, but I didn't think to bring it into the mountains. I didn't mind the cold, but she got out of the car for this picture, and then she was ready to get back out of the wind.
At lower elevations, Sara Beth was much more interested in exploring. She even got in a race with my mom and I while going down some of the trails.
On our way back down to Boulder, we pulled off to the side of the road to look at the Elk herd that was hanging out in the middle of the town outside the park. Sara Beth kept calling it a "milk heard."
The day of the wedding, Sara Beth helped me setup the snack food for all the groomsmen to eat.
She sat in the front pew with my parents while I stood up in front as best man at the wedding. 
At the wedding reception, she collected all the blue decorative jewels at our table and made designs out of them.
I gave Sara Beth one of them to keep, and it quickly became her favorite item. She kept taking it out and showing it to everyone she could. Wedding guests, relatives, and waiters all got to see her jewel.

The next day, I went to the local tea factory with Sara Beth and my sister. Both of them are tea fanatics, so they sat next to each other in the cafe where they offer free samples and discussed their passion for tea. Since I have no such passion, I sat back and started snapping pictures. I think I took a little too many; they started getting tired of the camera flash.
That night, my aunt came over to our room and read several books to Sara Beth, including a specially selected Halloween themed book that Sara Beth got to keep.
It certainly was exhausting to take care of Sara Beth without Heather around, and I was glad to come back home to a house that had been cleaned top to bottom by Heather. Sara Beth loved the vacation and wedding ceremony, but she got so much "daddy time" in Colorado that playing with Heather is now at the top of her priority list. Sara Beth even asked Heather if they could get married.

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