Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Around the house

Sara Beth baked some cookies all by herself this week after watching Heather regularly make cookies. Some firefighters were going to come to her school, and her teachers sent home a note requesting that the parents bring some sweets for the occasion. Heather told Sara Beth where the ingredients were, and how much of each needed to be put in the mixing bowl. The only thing that Heather did was put the cookie sheet in the oven.
Heather has made several awesome fleece blankets as Christmas presents. Sara Beth wanted to get in on the action and carefully measured her cuts using the scraps that Heather gave her. She put the scraps in her "sewing bag" that she toted around the house.

Sara Beth can now brushing her teeth with minimal supervision. I still need to give her teeth a good once over to ensure that they have been brushed in their entirety, but she has the general actions down.
She cares for her two Emma Rose dolls, Emma Rose and Emma Rose's cousin, Emma Rose. She asked Heather to tuck them snuggly into the baby carrier so that Sara Beth could carry them around without being concerned about them getting cold.
With Halloween quickly approaching, Heather found a Halloween cookie decorating kit that was already on clearance. They decorated some haunted house cookies. Initially, Sara Beth asked if she could have a whole cookie, but soon realized that we would only allow her a small portion as an after dinner desert.
And, lastly, Sara Beth has begun helping Heather fix her hair in the mornings. She loves using the brush and hair dryer. We don't let her play with the curling iron yet.

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