Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Preparing for Halloween

Boy howdy. I'm behind on posting. Let me finish up this post I started last week, and then post the Halloween pictures by Friday in a feeble attempt to catch up.

We went to the McKinney farmer's market over the weekend. We had fun looking at all the fresh produce and bought some beef jerky. While looking at one of the stands, the seller asked us if Sara Beth was answered in getting her face painted. Of course, the answer was yes, and she selected a picture of Hello Kitty to be applied to her face. Only after the painting had been finished did we find out that she charged $3 for her time.
My dad decided to take us on a tour around the yard on the lawn mower. Sara Beth had a giant grin on her face the whole time as we tested the torque capacity of the little mower's motor. There were definitely some times I worried it wouldn't have enough power to pull all of us up a steep part of the lawn, but it always made it through.

We carved pumpkins in preparation for Halloween. Sara Beth drew out her pumpkin's design. She requested heart shaped eyes and she added the mouth and hair. Once she added the hair, I began to cut off the top so that we could scoop out the insides. She was adamant that I be careful to make sure I didn't cut through any of the pumpkin's hair.

Carving my pumpkin was a much more speedy ordeal. With a 3/4" drill bit on a power drill, I was able to carve my face in under a minute, a new personal record. Sara Beth complained that I was making a mess, and, to be honest, there definitely was a lot of pumpkin bits that were flying about as I made my cuts.

Sara Beth will routinely ask to use the camera. In this case, I let her take a picture, and it appears that all the camera practice is starting to pay off. Below you can notice that I am fully in the frame, and it honestly looks more artistic than any pictures I make for the blog.
Sara Beth and Hudson got care packages in the mail. Sara Beth had a big grin on her face as she help unpack her's and Hudson's things.
Sara Beth is here trying out her Halloween costume. We let her play with it early. The tiara is a little broken, since she was not being careful with it, but it still mostly works, and it will be dark out when we go trick or treat, so no one will notice.

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