Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Another Sara

One day this past week, Heather and Sara Beth went to the store to get some things for Hudson's room. While there, Sara Beth found a friend:

 Sara Beth decided that this pet elephant would be named Sara, which, I guess, is better than the name she had previously given to her other elephant: Zero. She has taken this new stuffed animal around with her everywhere. When I went to Walmart, she put Sara into her baby doll stroller and wheeled her around the store. When we sat down to eat some popcorn, cheese, and fruit while watching TV on Sunday evening, Sara came along too (Sara Beth is the one in a tutu).

 Sara Beth even wanted Heather to put a sweatshirt on Sara to keep her warm and dry. Heather was making a slurping noise as Sara "licked" Sara Beth.
Another thing Sara Beth got this week was a book full of wallpaper samples. She decided she needed to put the wallpaper on the walls (duh, where else would it go?). So, with Heather cutting the samples out, Sara Beth would tape them on whichever wall or door she felt it would go best.

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