Sunday, November 27, 2011

Coming home

Heather successfully talked the doctors into letting her and Hudson come home late this afternoon. We had to wait around while they prepared the discharge papers, but we got out. 
 Hudson looked even smaller in the car seat than Sara Beth did when we came home with her.
 Once we got home, we got out the big sister gift that "Hudson got" for Sara Beth. It was a bag full of dress up outfits and dresses.
 The Snow White dress was definitely her favorite and she immediately put it on and even smiled for the camera.
 We tried to get a picture of me with Sara Beth and Hudson, but Sara Beth was acting all squirrelly and was no longer interested in giving a proper smile for the camera.
 After prying the princess dress of of her, we finally got Sara Beth into bed. She popped right back out when she heard Hudson fussing while I changed his diaper in her new sibling's bedroom. Currently, Hudson falls asleep much more readily.

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