Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Older post

So this is an older post that I was working on. If you are interested in the latest and greatest pictures of our newest addition to the family, scroll on down to the next post.

I needed to fix a skylight diffusor and it involved cutting melted plastic. Sara Beth wanted to help, and to avoid having bits of molten plastic fling into her eye, I put on safety goggles. Unfortunately, my hand slipped and the goggles ended up poking Sara Beth in the eye. We ended up doing the cutting the next night once her eye got better.
Sara Beth has been very sweet and snuggley. She was even able to grab an unsuspecting Catta and snuggled her for a picture.

Some of my extended family came in town for Thanksgiving. Sara Beth decided that her Great-Great Aunt Alma needed a painted shell as a present. It is chock full of pink and purple paint and pink glitter. The day after, she asked if she could make one for herself too.
Winter is nearly here. We went out for a walk, and I thought Sara Beth looked so cute, so I tried to take a picture of her. She was not amused about her walk being delayed.
She is not a fan of being delayed while getting a snack either. In case you cannot tell, that is her not amused face.
So, great great aunt Alma, great aunt Sue, Aunt Jill, and Uncle John and Aunt Ali came into town for the Thanksgiving holiday. My sister stayed over at our house. The next morning, when Jill got up, Sara Beth walked over to her and said "I have a lot of toys in my play room. Do you want to come see?" Jill said yes, and so Sara Beth showed off all of her toys.
 We went over to my parent's house for the big Thanksgiving meal. Sara Beth kept her great aunt company while they watched the Packers beat the Lions.
 There was ham and Sara Beth ate her fill of it, along with some of the delicious cranberries, sweet potatoes, and all sorts of other goodies.
 After the meal, we headed over to visit with Heather's Aunt and Uncle. Sara Beth had ran around so much that she was exhausted and actually fell asleep in the car. Little does she know that the next day, it would get even more exciting.

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