Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Another day, another 20 diapers.

Hudson is still pooping like a champ. But, fortunately, he is sleeping like a champ too. He slept from 1 am on, and at 5 am, I woke up with a start and realized he had not woken us up all night. I rushed to ensure that he was still breathing. He was sleeping contentedly until I woke him up 30 minutes later to make him eat.

While Sara Beth went to school, I drove Hudson and Heather to their respective doctors. Hudson was examined and weighed, and, even with all the sleep he has been getting, instead of loosing weight like the typical baby after leaving the hospital, he has actually gained 3 ounces since Sunday! Heather got her staples removed, and is definitely feeling better (She was not weighed at her appointment, but she probably wouldn't want me posting any weight details even if they were part of her appointment). 

 When Sara Beth got home from school, she wanted to hold Hudson. We let her, under close supervision. She wanted to rock him back and forth rather rapidly. Fortunately, Heather was at arms reach to help instruct in the proper ways to rock a baby. 
 For dinner, I got some chocolate mint milk for Sara Beth. She loved it and even licked the inside of the glass after drinking every last drop of it.

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