Friday, November 25, 2011


Whew. That was quite a rush. We have a lot of extended family on both sides come to see Hudson. First and foremost, we let Sara Beth in to meet her new baby brother. She kept asking to pet his hair and his hands. Through the whole ordeal Hudson happily snuggled next to his mother like a champ.
Once Sara Beth got acquainted with the newest member of the family, we allowed my family to come in and meet baby Hudson. But then they got kicked out when the nurse came by to clean Heather's incision. As they were going out into the hall, Heather's family arrived too. Once Heather got all cleaned up, her family got to come in the room, but just long enough to say hi, before the nurse said that everyone had to get out so Hudson could nurse some more.
So everyone but Sara Beth got kicked out again. Sara Beth got to open a present for herself and also one for Hudson as well.
Sara Beth was ready for dinner, but we had to wait for my great aunt. She had hurt her wrist so she was seeing the doctor while we were all down at the hospital. The doctor was slow. Very slow. Very very slow. Sara Beth was patient, but as soon as Alma entered the room, they left to go get some Chinese food and then head home. Hopefully, in the coming weeks, everyone will be able to see Hudson a longer consecutive period of time.

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