Monday, November 28, 2011

Preparing for Christmas

Well, there are certainly skills that I need to remember about caring for a baby.

Skill one: not getting pooped on. Last night, I changed Hudson's diaper 5 times. Once, he peed on the wall. Twice, I got pooped on. Several times, I put on a clean diaper, just to have him immediately soil it. I think I only had one diaper changing mission that completed without incident.

Skill two: functioning on less sleep. Heather looked at me last night after feeding Hudson and asked "Do you think I should feed him on the other side, or give him some junk food?" I told her "Just feed him on the other side," to which she responded, "Oh, but he brought his baseball and football here." She had no recollection of the conversation in the morning when I asked her about it.

Hudson's great aunt Sue headed back to the cold land of Wisconsin, and his great great aunt travels back to Georgia tomorrow morning, so they dropped by to say good by. We were able to snap some 4 generation photos.

Along with the first picture of Heather, Hudson, and I. Sara Beth was in no way interested in getting her picture taken, so she was off to the side waiting to eat lunch. We'll have to wait a little longer to get all four of us in a single picture.
Traditionally, we will put up the Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving. Hudson put a monkey wrench in those plans. But today, we began the process. Hudson supervised from his swing. He pretty much slept through the day, only waking on occasion to poop on me, or to get some more food (which he quickly turned into more poop).
Sara Beth got all excited about the decorations and all the people, so she decided to change into her gymnastics leotard and show off some of her tumbling skills. A little later she asked me to be the gym teacher, so I gave her some routines to preform
Sara Beth kept asking about the Christmas tree angel. So, once we put on all the ornaments and lights, she helped me put the angel on the tree.

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