Saturday, November 26, 2011

Holding a baby

Who doesn't like holding a baby? Right around lunch time, my family came back to visit. They brought flowers in exchange for the opportunity to hold Hudson. Grandmas love that sort of thing.
 Hudson's great aunt Alma also got to hold him as well. Her wrist is doing much better now that it has a brace on it. Sara Beth and my aunt Sue got to hold him as well, but I wasnt quick enough with the camera to capture that.
 Of course, no one holds Hudson better than his mommy.
 Sara Beth ate lunch in bed next to Heather. She got some mac and cheese from the cafeteria and then finished her meal with some strawberry frozen yogurt. By the time she had finished up, both Heather and Hudson were about to pass out, so I kicked everyone out of the room so they could get a good afternoon nap.

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