Thursday, August 25, 2011

The gig is up!

So, as I have mentioned before, Sara Beth has a favorite doll named Emma Rose. Well, to be honest, we actually had two different Emma Rose dolls that we rotated out on a regular basis. That way, washing her would be painless, and if we were unable to find the one at bed time, we could always "discover that she was hiding in the closet" without interrupting bed time. Well, this week, an Emma Rose got lost somewhere in the house and we couldn't find her, even with through searching after Sara Beth went to bed. A couple days later, Sara Beth was digging around in the couch and exclaimed happily that she now has two Emma Roses: Emma Rose, and her cousin who is also named Emma Rose. She decided that Santa gave her an early Christmas present. Heather and I are stumped about what to do, since she now wants to carry both around with her.

Sara Beth will sometimes pretend to be some cross between a bird and a cat. So she will create a nest and then meow as she gets cozy in it with a book or two.

Summer is drawing to a close. We are about a week from her preschool starting up again. Heather and Sara Beth are finishing out the summer going to the pool and visiting with friends. Today, at the pool, Sara Beth was getting into the pool when she sees something and scrambles out running to Heather crying that there is a snake in the water. It turns out there was an 8 inch snack in the kiddie pool. Heather, being the awesome mother that she is, went over to the pool, scooped the snake out of the pool in a bucket and threw it into the bushes. Unfortunately, she was so busy saving the day that she didn't have time to take a picture. Instead, I'll show a blurry shot of Sara Beth as she is careening around Bounce U. She ran around so quickly, most of the pictures were too blurred to distinguish anything.

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