Monday, December 8, 2008

Feeding Time

We have started to feed Sara Beth more than just milk this week.  We started with just rice cereal, and then worried that it would cause her to become constipated so we added some prune baby food to the mix.  Since she has been grabbing for whatever plate or cup within striking distance for the past three weeks, it came as no surprise that she picked up on the food thing quickly.  When we placed the food in her mouth, she gave us a weird "what are you doing" kind of look.  After a couple failed spoon fulls, some actually got down her throat, and she realized that we were giving her food to eat, and not a new game of "drool on the bib".   She then got so excited that she bent all the way forward to the point that she was facing down and any food that went in immediately fell straight out, but her tongue was actively trying to lick the empty spoon clean.  In addition, she will grab the business end of the spoon, getting rice cereal all over her hand, then deftly guide the spoon away from her mouth and into the side of her cheek.  So there is still progress to be made; I have heard from other parents that this whole feeding thing is just a messy affair.  Trial and error has taught us that we can preventing a re-enactment of riots at the rice factory by holding her head upright and pinning her arms down, but all we actually need to do is show Sara Beth that the less food she makes into a mess, the more more food can reach her mouth.  The details of how that plan will work still haven't been worked out yet, but I think we have a willing subject.  Just look at the intensity that she is giving the food.  

Heather dresses Sara Beth so well.  Everything matches, even the sun glasses and bows.

Cue the oft repeated phrase "they grow up so quickly".  Sara Beth will now sit up for extended intervals without falling over or doing a face plant into her knees.  In fact, this is a similar picture to the one I posted just two weeks ago, and it looks like either the chair is getting smaller or she is getting bigger.

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Anonymous said...

That first look with the food is priceless! I especially remember Preston's! :)