Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I'm Super Grover

Out of nowhere, on Friday, Sara Beth declared that we should now refer to her as "Super Grover". So, over the weekend, we would ask "Sara Beth, come clean up your toys." And she would respond, "ImSuperGrover"so quickly it sounded like a single five syllable word. Slowly, over the weekend, she corrected us, so that we would remember to call her by the correct name. Anything else would result in the response of "ImSuperGrover." The only variation came when Heather asked her, "Sara Beth, do you want milk or juice?" She replied, "ImSuperGrover... I want milk." To complete the Super Grover look, she brought a cape for us to attach around her neck:

Heather's well known dislike of squirrels has begun to color Sara Beth's attitude of the fluffy creatures. This morning, Heather asked "Do you like squirrels?" Super Grover replied, "No, I do not." "Why not?" "One bit me." "Oh dear! Where did it bite you?" "On my back. I have a owie."

We went to a Christmas craft fair over the weekend. Sara Beth climbed up a 30 foot inflatable and slid down it all by herself, though it might have been a little too exciting for her. She didn't want to go on it again.

Out of nowhere, Sara Beth has started taking her stuffed poodle with her everywhere. She got it for her first birthday, but has not really played with it since, until now. She will now bring it in the car with her, carry it around the store, and take it on walks around the house. We had to talk her out of sharing her food with it, and explained that pretend puppies needed to eat pretend puppy food only.

Ok, so when Heather first sent this picture to me, what do you think crossed my mind? After considering the fastest route to the emergency room, I read the note attached to the picture. It isnt a massive injury, just a red frosting holiday oreo.

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Anonymous said...

I can come up with two comments on seeing that last picture.

-Super Grover has Heather's eyes

-Super Grover will need braces when she gets older.