Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cat Toys

Everyone knows that laser pointers work as excellent cat toys. I brought it out for the first time in a while this past week, and I think Sara Beth enjoyed chasing it more than the cats. The cats would perk up their ears and make a few moves towards the laser dot, and then Sara Beth bolted after it, scattering the cats. It was hard not to give Sara Beth a hard time, placing the dot right above her reach, but I managed to restrain myself, mostly.

The other day, while eating dinner, Sara Beth took too large of a bite. She then took too large a swig of juice, and started to cough. I asked her "Are you ok? Do you need some help?" Her response: "Some ice cream would help!"

Sara Beth loves to play pretend. She will announce "I'm a baby baby" and then crawl onto her baby bed, but by the time she gets up there, she will likely have switched and will now be "Catta" and begin to meow, or she will be baby Jesus, or Mary or Joseph. Her identity shifts rather quickly and it is hard to keep up.

By this point, Sara Beth probably knows her way around Heather's iPhone better than I do. I am impressed with her ability to correctly identify all the letters and shapes in the various educational games on the phone.

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