Friday, August 24, 2012

Food and toys

So Hudson learned his third word. Mama was #1. Dada was #2 and Nana is #3. He says it every time he sees a banana that he wants to eat (which is every banana he sees). He will get all excited and begin kicking his feet as he reaches towards the fruit.
He will also occasionally say nana whenever he sees some other food item that he wants to shovel into his mouth. 
Sara Beth has been bing into tea parties recently. We had purchased some sparkling lemon juice and fruit flavored teas, and she has nearly finished off both of them.
One evening Sara Beth announced that she was setting up for a tea party and we should all get ready. She  brought out all the fancy plastic china and set it around the dining room table along with some wooden cookies and spice containers. She then came into the play room where Heather and I were playing with Hudson and announced that the tea party was ready. Heather and Sara Beth were very excited to have tea.
Hudson and I are not quite as excited about the tea party thing but we played along.
We did "make your own pizza" last Friday. Sara Beth kept explaining that her pizza had just the right amount of olives and cheese.
So Heather has been asking me to bring down some of the toddler toys that we have stockpiled in the attic. I finally got around to it, and Hudson is a huge fan. He is our little electronics addict, and absolutely loves all the lights and sounds that the table makes. It is good exercise for him as his leg muscles still have trouble holding him upright, but he will play with the table till his legs give out.
I also brought down a play house. At first Sara Beth was having so much fun re-playing with it that she didn't want Hudson messing with it, but after she went back to her big girl toys and tea parties, Hudson quickly figured out how to push open the door, crawl through, and then spin around and close the door behind him.
But, sometimes the most basic things become the best toys however. Hudson will happily entertain himself with just a pile of towels.

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