Friday, November 22, 2013


So I think I am catching up. These are pictures from around Halloween.
Heather and Sara Beth carved one pumpkin while Hudson and I carved the other one. We didn't have any newspaper at our house, so Hudson and I ended up snooping in neighbors recycle bins until we found a house that still gets the paper. I drew the face on Hudson's pumpkin, and Sara Beth drew the face on her own.
 Hudson figured out the pumpkin seed extraction process quickly and eagerly graped a spoon to help. Once we were done getting all the guts out, Heather carved Sara Beth's pumpkin with a knife, while I used a power drill. Hudson started crying when I was drilling out the holes, thought I'm not sure if it was because I was cutting holes in the pumpkin, or because I was using power tools. Either way, he settled down once we put the candles in.
Our church had a Halloween party type thingy where Sara Beth got the opportunity to ride a pony, though I think she realizes riding around in an enclosed circle is not as cool as a free range pony.
Almost every Sunday, we will do popcorn, cheese and fruit and watch something on TV. Typically, it is a VeggieTales. I thought that we might try watching Wall-E one evening. One evening, while Sara Beth was out, I previewed it with Hudson. Whenever he saw the main protagonist, he pointed at the screen and said "tractor"; the cockroach sidekick was "bee". Whenever Hudson is done eating, he will offer to feed me the rest of his food. This is a picture of him trying to give me the rest of the water in his sippy cup.
On actual Halloween, Hudson figured out the candy thing very quickly. We dressed him up as a farmer, and initially, I carried him to each door. But by the fourth house, he got down and followed Sara Beth through the lawns from door to door holding up his bucket and saying "Please". Sometimes he did fall behind his sister, in which case I helped him catch up. Several houses just had a bowel out front with a "Please take one" sign. I figured that Hudson had enough candy to last till easter, so, I would sealthfully take a hand full out of his bucket and place it in the bowel for other kids to eat. I think he appreciated the fact that his bucket never got too heavy.
One evening before bed, Sara Beth decided to wash Heather and my feet. After washing Heather's feet, Sara Beth decided to go full out, and carefully painted her nails too.

Heather and I were talking about getting Hudson a tricycle as his birthday present. That weekend, we went to a garage sale, and he found one that he loved, and it was only $1. The best part about it was that when we lifted up the seat, we found a hidden storage that was full of sidewalk chalk. We decided to let him have the birthday present early. Every night, when I come home from work, the first thing that Hudson does is run to the garage door and request to "bike".
Hudson has gotten in the habit of trying on Heather's shoes. His feet are big enough that her shoes don't instantly fall off. Sara Beth, on the other hand, just got a new pair of tennis shoes. Heather's shoe size is only 4 more than Sara Beth's. I imagine is a couple more years, Sara Beth will be wearing Heather's shoes around the house too, and she wont look quite as silly as Hudson when he does it.

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