Friday, January 10, 2014


Before Christmas, Heather took the kids down to the zoo by herself. Though it was cold, the kids had a great time, and the reptile house was nice and warm.
While Sara Beth checked out the snakes, Hudson found a turtle friend that was swimming back and forth in the water. Hudson loved watching him.
We have a membership to the zoo, so the next week, I took a half day and we all went back to the zoo. Hudson loves playing in the land rover, but Sara Beth and he both wanted to use the steering wheel.
My mom sat with Hudson and tried to convince him that a good time could be had without needing to shove Sara Beth away from the steering wheel.
Here we are at the beginning of the Christmas Eve service. Hudson was not nearly as full of smiles about half way though and he was ready to head home. Heather and I alternated who took him out into the lobby until the service finished up. Maybe next year we will be able to stay for the whole service.
Here he is again smiling.
Hudson, for the most part, was able to open his presents all by himself this year. I had to help him at times to get started.
Sara Beth often helped me get started on my presents as well. Sara Beth asked for a "Baby Alive" for Christmas this year. It is a doll that you have to feed special food packed mixed with water, and it then "poops" that neon mess into special doll diapers. Sara Beth loves it.
Every Christmas, we have done a scavenger hunt for Sara Beth for one of her presents. This year it was a doll bed. She ran up and down the house finding the clues.
The Saturday after Christmas, Me-maw and Pa-paw arrived from Alabama with a whole new set of presents for everyone to open.
Sara Beth got a tiny tea set. So as soon as we were done opening presents, she wanted to host a tea party. She convinced her mom and grandma to sit down with her as she poured tea and offered milk and sugar for her guests.
There have been several wet days so our backyard now has several muddy spots. We let the kids run around the back yard and by the time they were done, their clothes were all brown from the mud. They had big smiles on their faces though.
Hudson has got himself in a phase where he will claim to be "all done" at dinner, get out of his chair, and then decide that he wants to sit in someone else's lap and eat off their plate. I refused to let him sit with me until I was finished, but Sara Beth was more accommodating.
Bubble baths are way more fun at my parent's house. Whenever we go over there for dinner, Hudson asks "Bubbles?" while running towards their bathroom. Sara Beth is a fan of excessive bubbles too.
We sat down and re-watched Wall-E again. Hudson was excited to see his favorite robot friend and it's insect companion again and pointed them out to us with a big grin on his face.

Sara Beth also sat still to watch the whole movie while munching on popcorn.
Heather noticed an extra picture on her phone that she didn't remember taking. I think I have some ideas...

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