Friday, February 7, 2014

A boy and his tiger

 Our house has been a wreck the past two weeks. The water line to the fridge broke and flooded a majority of the downstairs. The people drying the floors ripped out all the wet carpet pad and tore off the soggy base boards and poked holes in the drywall and cabinets. Now, we have most of the downstairs furniture crammed onto the carpet that is still dry and exposed carpet tacks where the carpet was torn up. It is still a mess two weeks later and I think everyone is ready to have the house back to normal.

Well, Hudson has developed quite a bit in the past two weeks. He has expressed interest in being potty trained (and has successfully earned himself a couple jelly beans by using the "porcelain hobby horse" in the way it was intended. He also really likes his stuffed tiger whom he has named "Nice". Hudson made lunch for him.
And then Hudson provided a snack and blanked for Nice before taking him on a walk outside. I hope we can find some interchangeable "cousins" for Nice before it is too late. That was really helpful with Sara Beth's "Emma Rose" doll. Also, the similarities between Calvin and Hobbs and Hudson and Nice have not escaped me.
This past weekend, we went down to the Fort Worth stock show. Hudson is also starting to give up his afternoon nap, so we arrived in the morning and stuck around until the early afternoon. Both children enjoyed seeing all the animals, but the baby cows and the gigantic rabbits were their favorites. While going through the booths, Sara Beth decided she wanted to pay $10 for a toy bow and arrow. Unlike the $4 sand sculpture from a couple weeks ago, she hasn't regretted this choice, yet. I don't see her playing with it at all, but she explained "It was just one bill, so it's not that big of a deal." At this point 4 $1 bills is a much greater loss to her than a single $10 bill.

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