Friday, March 14, 2014


This past week we went to visit Heather's mom and step dad in Alabama. Everytime we travel with the kids, it seems to get easier. Both kids fell asleep on the drive out and there was not hours of crying on the way back.

For both Sara Beth and Hudson, visiting the farm was the highlight of the trip. For Hudson, the farm meant tractors. As soon as we pulled into the driveway, Hudson began asking about the tractor he saw in the shed. When Papaw started it up, Hudson carefully observed all the levers that were used and once he felt comfortable enough, he began to reach for and pull any lever he could get his hands on. As soon as he got off the orange tractor, he asked to get on the larger green tractor that was around the other side of the shed. Once he got off that one, he ran around the farm attempting to smash his hand or foot into every cow pie that he could, while I ran around attempting to stop that.
 Sara Beth also got to go on the tractor and she was given the opportunity to steer the vehicle around the field on her her own.
 For Sara Beth, the tractor was just a side show at the farm. The main event was the donkeys, or, to be more exact, on donkey in particular, Clara. Sara Beth feed it sweet potatoes, petted and kissed it, and stayed near it as long as she could. Darwin, Papaw's brother, was surprised how well Clara acted as she normally is more skittish. I think if it was up to Sara Beth, she would have stayed out with Clara all day.
 Memaw and the kids sat on an old wooden swing under a giant old tree before we left. Hudson loves to collect sticks, and he found a doozey of one which, if you look closely, you can see on the swing with them. He was very sad when I ripped it out of his hands before putting him in the van.
 Sara Beth helped Memaw with some of the cooking. Here they are making schnitzel, which was very good.
We got back from Alabama Tuesday, and Sara Beth didn't have to go back to school until next Monday as it is spring break. The weather has been rather pleasant so Heather let the kids play at the park at Firewheel.
 While shopping, Heather saw a sale on bubbles. Hudson was thrilled now that he had some to play with again. They blew them around the yard and a little breeze carried them off over the fence. As I got home from work, our neighbor came over saying she saw the bubbles float across her backyard.
 Hudson also got his big stick back. After we left the farm, Darwin picked up the stick that I had "viciously ripped" from Hudson's hands and made sure that it got packed in the van for the trip back to Texas.

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