Monday, September 8, 2014

Late July and Most of August

Wow, I am really failing on keeping this thing up to date. Here is part of my attempt to do a catch up.

As Sara Beth got closer to her 6th birthday at the end of July, she informed use that she was ready to get her ears pierced after all. Heather verified that she remembered how it all worked and was really ready; Sara Beth reassured her that, unlike the previous two attempts, this time she would go through with it. And she did.
 Sara Beth and Hudson love to feed treats to the cats. Hudson just likes passing them out like candy, but Sara Beth wanted to see if she could bribe the cats into performing tricks in exchange for treats and recorded her progress on her notepad.
On Sara Beth's actual birthday, I took the day off from work. Heather setup all of Sara Beth's presents on the kitchen table and Sara Beth got to open them all up before a pan cake breakfast.
For one of her gifts, Sara Beth got to name a sea turtle for a charity.
After opening presents, we went down to the Perot museum. The kids enjoyed the "experiential exhibits" like the earthquake simulator. Hudson was not a fan of the life size reconstruction of a sauropod. Heather did not enjoy walking over the bridges on the 4th floor with see through grates that gave a clear view down to the first floor.
Typically on Sundays, we will eat popcorn, cheese, and fruit and watch a video. Recently, Hudson and Sara Beth had taken to pretend to be some sort of animal, like a cow or a dog, while we eat. I'm not sure which one came up with the idea, but they decided that in order to be realistic cows, they couldn't just eat out of a bowel. Instead, they needed to spread the popcorn across the floor and graze across it like a field. I let them try it once, and, like a real field with cows in it, the living room floor became a big mess.  The cows are restricted to eating in feed lots next time.
 Who wants a root beer float and a hot dog on a summer day? Hudson; thats who.
 Hudson found a fire fighter outfit at the store and Heather thought it would make a good Halloween costume this year. Hudson asked to try it out before the holiday.
 Heather always does the grocery shopping, but once evening I had a short list and went out to the store. Heather had said "pick out anything that looks good" so I found some Fruit Loops with marshmallows. The next morning, when Hudson opened the door to check out what he would eat for breakfast, he found the box and immediately grabbed it and declared that Me Maw had bought him some cereal. He ate it for one or two breakfasts then got tired of it and went back to his regular yogurt and granola, which freed me up to take the cereal to work with me.

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