Friday, October 24, 2014

Another three weeks

The time really has been flying by around here. I don't know if Sara Beth or Hudson was the one with the initial idea, but both now love going in the backyard and digging holes under the play fort and behind the hot tub. The kids will go outside at every opportunity and come back in covered in mud after making their holes just a little bigger.
Heather has found a place down the road that offers horse riding lessons for Sara Beth, and she loves it. We had to go out to the boot store to get some pink cowgirl boots as apparently those are required before she is allowed to ride.
While Sara Beth learns how to ride, Heather and Hudson hang out around the farm. Hudson has found a donkey and some farm dogs that he likes to hang around with.
Once they get home from lessons, Sara Beth teaches Hudson everything she has learned about how to control a horse.
Now that the weather is starting to cool back off to pleasant temperatures, the plants in the front yard have started to grow again. I got my parents hedge clippers and chopped everything back down to a reasonable height and the kids helped rake all the clippings into piles. Or, to be more exact, Sara Beth raked the leaves into piles and Hudson dragged his rake through the piles, spreading them out.
We got a new kitten. One of our friends in the neighborhood found a stray cat with kittens in their backyard. And since we only have 3 currently, I told Heather: "sure, why not get another one?" I think. So now we have Rainey (aka Petra). This one is so young, it likes being carried this way by Hudson; or, at least, she doesn't care enough to make much of an effort to get away.
We went over to our neighbor's house one evening to chat. Apparently, Hudson had a long day and fell asleep on their couch. He didn't wake up when Heather carried him back to our house.
Just taking some pictures out in font of our house.

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