Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A whole month

Well, I think this is a new record for time between postings. I do have an excuse: I have changed jobs, so all the free time I used to use at work composing these posts kinda vanished and I think it will be a little while before I will run out of things to do at my new company.

Anyways, my brother, sister, sister-in-law, and aunt all came in town to visit my parents and us for Christmas. They all came over to our house on Christmas morning and we spend all morning and part of the afternoon opening presents. Hudson got tired of opening around 11am and ran off to play with the items that he had already unwrapped. That afternoon, we then went over to Heather's aunt and uncles house to visit with them and Heather's cousins.
Sara Beth has had a couple loose teeth that she will wiggle back and forth. One of them finally fell out later that week, while Memaw and Papaw were visiting from Alabama.
Memaw and Papaw brought some presents with them including a battery powered riding tractor for Hudson. It was cold and rainy outside but as soon as Hudson saw his gift, he didn't care. He took that tractor and started driving it all around the back yard. Sara Beth stayed outside for a while to help play with it too, but she soon came in to warm up. Hudson stayed out until the battery had nearly worn out and by then his hands were freezing cold.
While they were in town, Papaw helped me do some sound proofing on the windows in our bedroom. While doing that, I moved the monster bean bag chair onto the bed.  The kids asked me if they could climb on top of it.
At the local Kroger store, they have something that Hudson calls "small carts". Whenever he goes, he will always keep an eye out for one so that he can push it around and wants us to use it to hold the groceries. Initially, he would careen into displays and crush people's toes, but he has improved a bit.
While switching from one job to another, I had a couple days of down time where I didn't have to go to either. We decided to take full advantage of the opportunity and took Sara Beth out of school for the day and we all went down to the Perot museum. There was an interactive display there where you could pit a carnivore against a herbivore with defenses to see who would win. Hudson and Sara Beth played against each other.
I may or may not have helped Hudson a bit. He won against Sara Beth 2 out of 3 games.

Last weekend it was still pretty cold. Saturday morning we took the kids out to Lowes to pick up building materials for bathroom shelves. Along the way, I saw that some water mist from a fountain had blown onto the grass and frozen, so we pulled over to investigate. Sara Beth and Hudson had a great time throwing bits of ice back into the pool that had not yet frozen.

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