Thursday, March 12, 2015

RV show and snow

At the Dallas RV show, Hudson was pretty impressed that they had a tub that was just his size. We went through and explored all the different RVs, and saved tons of money by not buying any of them. The kids seemed to enjoy the RVs that had all the beds crammed together so tightly it was like a cave.
Sara Beth also enjoyed sitting in the combo shower, toilet, and sink room.
White stuff has fallen from the skies twice in the past couple weeks resulting in school being canceled three or four days. Unfortunately, I now have a job that allows me to work from home, so I don't really get to celebrate snow days.
The first time, it was more ice than actual snow, The kids played for only a little while before they got cold and were ready to come in for some hot chocolate and to watch a movie.
Hudson did go out later to try driving his tractor. The wheels do not provide much traction, and, with ice on the driveway, Hudson was having a great time spinning out and doing donuts.
The next week, some real snow fell from the sky. School closed for two more days and the kids again got to play outside for a while making snow angels and snow ice cream until they got cold and came in for more hot drinks.
It was an impressive snowfall, at least for Dallas. It was too dry to make an effective snowman, but Sara Beth and Hudson tried valiantly to throw snowballs at each other and at me with minimal success.
I was giving Sara Beth a horsey ride around the house when Hudson decided that he wanted to get a horsey ride from Sara Beth. Surprisingly, there were no injuries after all was said and done.
Hudson has always been eager to make messes in the dirt, but recently he is expressing interest in cleaning up the messes too. He will now routinely ask for the dust buster (which has a worn out battery and barely enough power to pull the dirt off the floor) or he will put on my ear protectors and turn on the heavy duty shop vac which has no trouble picking up the dirt (unless he plugs the hose into the air output connection)
One day, Sara Beth went up to her room, got her makeup kit, and then went to the bathroom and closed the door. What came out 15 minutes later was a tiger. I didn't even know that makeup could be used for face painting, but I can't really claim to have all that much experience using it.
I came home one day to see the kids playing with a new golfing game. They were keeping score any everything; at least for a little while. The plastic clubs were quickly put away when the kids realized they could hit more than the plastic golf balls with them. 
Here are some bonus images from back in January. We went to the Ft Worth stock show, and I just uploaded the pictures now.
Hudson was a big fan of driving the $60,000 sports car. It was a little too small for me; I could see over the top of the windshield. Fortunately, it was a convertible.
Tickets to the stock show also allowed us to get into the Science museum across the street. We looked at dinosaur bones and watched a 3-D video about the formation of the Barnett Shale with effects added to boost the realism. The chairs were on a hydraulic system to tilt as we zoomed around the past and puffs of air and water sprayed when the T-Rex roared out of the screen. The kids enjoyed it.

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