Monday, January 12, 2009

Sippy cup sensation

So apparently prune juice mixed with watter doesn't taste good.  We call it a Sara Beth cocktail, but even with the drink being named after her, she does not ever finish it.  She loves the cup, and will play with that.  She swings it around, smashing it into whatever will make the most noise.  She will even gum on the spout of the cup.  But actually drinking from it is a different story.  She prefers to let the liquid ooze down her chin and drip onto her bib.  And she loves drinking from a "big person" glass.  She can suck down water from a big plastic cup (if I help hold it to her mouth, so I suspect that prune juice is the reason.

Here, SaraB is chillin on the couch.  Despite the fact that we propped her up on pillows to get this shot, she can now sit up quite well on her own.  She will keep her balance and keep herself upright right up till the point where I turn my head to look at something else.  At that point, she has an uncanny tendency to throw herself head first at some solid object like a chair leg.  I typically react quickly enough to catch her, but on occasion her topple will take some path unexplained by Newtonian physics.  She will look up and me with eyes asking the question "Am I hurt?" I will clap my hands, smile, and say "no."  Then I quickly tell her what a good job she did, and distract her so she doesn't cry about it. 

Sara Beth has become nearly mobile.  She has been able to roll from her back to her stomach for a while, but this week, she has perfected the act of rolling from her stomach to her back again.  This allows her to barrel roll across the floor.  She has also demonstrated the ability to pull her legs under her and use her arms to raise up her torso.  And when there is an especially enticing target nearby, like a sleeping cat, she has even used some combination of these new skills to scoot towards the unsuspecting target.  More often than not, her efforts result in just an inch or two of movement, but she is well on her way to crawling.  When that happens, we are going to need to invest in some more calorie infused cat food so our poor felines will have the energy to outrun SaraB.  Oh, and we will also need to figure out a way to prevent SaraB from eating out of the cat's food dish.

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Melissa said...

She is so pretty. I love her smile!