Monday, January 19, 2009


This week, Sara Beth became the proud owner of her first two teeth.  She handled the experience with a calm quiet and dignity... mostly.  She didn't want to nap for the three days prior to the teeth making their appearance, but there was no massive drooling or excessive crying.  Around Wednesday, we noticed that the two bumps on her lower jaw were growing.  As the week progressed, the bumps became wither colored, and SaraB became restless, literally.  Her first tooth poked through on Friday, and the other half of the pair emerged the next day.  I gave her a couple ice cubes to suck on, and while it made a watery mess, she seemed to enjoy it.  We might try to get a picture of the teeth, be so far, it has been rather difficult to even view the teeth with the naked eye.  Every time we pry open her mouth, she will stick out her tongue.

As you can see from the below photo, Sara Beth has developed quite a grip.  She can now hold up bottles with a single hand.  She also sort of understands how a bottle works, and wants to chew or suck on the top of whatever I am drinking from, in hopes that she will get some too.  Heather won't let me actually give her anything with carbonated bubbles, or caffeine, or alcohol, or sugar.  She even frowns upon my practice of letting Sara Beth drink her bath water, even though Sara Beth seems to love it.

Heather's Aunt and cousin came in town for the the better part of the week, so Sara Beth got to play with her two month old cousin, Wesley. 

In this photo, we find Sara Beth trying to chew on a silver spoon while prepping for the above photo.  And from the look on her face, it is apparent that she doesn't enjoy the flavor of it.

Sara Beth loves to touch peoples faces.  But be wary, she tries to grab hold of your face to bring it to her mouth for a close inspection.

And, to close out this post, I present another poop story.  As I have detailed before, Sara Beth is an excellent pooper.  She will lean forward and grunt in a most unladylike fashion until she does her business.   Tonight, she was doing that while we were eating dinner, so afterwards, I checked her diaper and am surprised to find it still clean.  Well, about 15 minutes later, we get Sara Beth ready for her bath.  I strip her down to her diaper, and carry her over to the tub.  I pull off the diaper to find that she managed to silently soil herself in the past quarter hour.  Heather takes the dirty diaper and tells me to hold Sara Beth while she goes to fetch some baby wipes to clean up her backside.  So, I sit with an undiapered baby in my arms, fearing the worst.  Heather comes back in, and we are able to clean SaraB off without any incidents.  But then, I turn to put Sara Beth in the tub.  I make sure the water is the correct temperature, and realize that I was 5 seconds too slow.  My pants leg was all wet, courtesy of Sara Beth.  Heather gave her a bath while I changed pants.


mavila said...

Yay on the teeth! Does she bite hard?

Siewert Family said...

She is able to bite hard enough that she can gnaw on an apple wedge.

Anonymous said...

hopefully her teeth grow into fangs like a werewolf or a vampire from twilight ;)

Siewert Family said...

I think she must have read that book upside down or something because she grew teeth on her lower jaw, not on the upper one.